Halo: Reach (360) – £10

Great deal on the latest Halo iteration… http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/xbox-360/halo-reach/10048622.html – Rax

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Bungie’s Destiny to be Space FPS MMO

So, what next after the hugeness that was Halo? Well for Bungie at least it looks set to be Halo MMO… sorry, I mean a totally new concept of a space set shooter… wait for it… MMO tentatively titled “Destiny”. We presume there will be some sort of points based system with unlockable equipment and [...]

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Fri, February 18 2011 » Gaming News » 1 Comment

Halo Reach “Defiant” Maps Confirmed

Yup, Bungie have dispatched the rumour mongers with a precicely timed assasination, by delivering a drop-pod full of video and data… In addition to the funky video, above, we now also know the following concerning the maps; Condemned: Aboard Orbital Station Gamma, for 6 – 12 players in a variety of game types, including Team [...]

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Halo’s Parent Looking at Baby Names

Bungie, the studio that bought us not only the ”Marathon” and “Myth” series but also the popular “Oni”, (oh and a game called “Hello” or something) has been flicking through a big book of baby names and has taken a shine to “Chair Fighter”, “Puppet Wars” and “Cuddles: Evolved”… we thought “Jose”, “Martin” and “Sarah” might have been safer options… [...]

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Guide:- Halo Reach Legendary Solo (Part 1) – General Gameplay

OK, so you may not have heard of this game, it’s been quite a low profile release, but we’re convinced it’ll be a real hit! Anyway, having completed the game on Legendary Solo, we thought we’d share our tips to make your life easier in the first part of our Reach guide, in future installments [...]

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