Retro Quick Look:- Castlevania (N64)

This week’s Retro Wednesday video looks back on the first full 3D Castlevania game, 1999′s Castlevania on the Nintendo 64. Several members of the team are big fans of the Castlevania series and were quite looking forward to their return to Dracula’s castle… unfortunately this is a game that has not aged gracefully.

Featuring two playable characters, Belmont family member Reinhardt Schneider and spell caster Carrie Fernandez, on a quest to stop Dracula’s impending resurrection, the very basic gameplay is let down by a cumbersome camera and a clunky imprecise combat system. Despite this, some members of the team had fond memories of the game… memories that were ruined by taking part in this video.

Be sure to tune in next week for another Retro Wednesday video.

Wed, August 1 2012 » Articles, Retro Quick Look, Retrospectives, Videos

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