Quick Look:- Fur Fighters (iPad)

Originally released on the Sega Dreamcast in the space year 2000 to great critical acclaim, Fur Fighters is an anthropomorphic shooting game in which you take the role of a member of an elite anti-terrorist organisation that defends the world from animal threats. If you couldn’t tell from that description, it’s a game that never takes itself too seriously, with some very clever writing and heaps of gags.

It was a game that, despite being well received, never quite managed to get the sales it deserved, despite being ported over to PC and, eventually, PlayStation 2 as well. Twelve years later and Fur Fighters has materialised on the App Store in all of it’s glory, giving gamers a chance to pick up a much loved classic title that they may have missed the first, second and third time around.

Join Luke, Jose and Adam as they look at the technical marvel that is Fur Fighters on the iPad.

Fur Fighters is available to buy exclusively on iPad from the App Store for the low low price of £1.99, and we heartily recommend that you take advantage of this ridiculous pricing. Stay tuned for our full review later this week.

Mon, July 30 2012 » Articles, Quick Look, Videos

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