Quick Look:- Metro: Last Light – Extended Alpha Gameplay

I love post-apocalyptic game settings.

Thusly it is not hard to imagine why I am so excited by the “Metro:Last Light” video I present above.

This is the extended, and multi-award nominated, “pre-alpha” game-play sequence shown at E3 itself, released recently by THQ.

The really impressive aspect of this particular 13 minutes of early preview is that it gives a feel for the sort of experience to expect from a “level” or at least part of one. It’s not just a highlight reel, it’s the real deal… (Kanye, if you use that you owe me)

As a seasoned “Metroer” I don’t know where to begin in describing how excited I continue to be by this title. It’s clear that in addition to upgrading the graphics engine A4 Games have taken great pains to add to the experince as well, whilst retaining its authentic Metro “flavour”.

Ah, the possibilities that lie before you

Particularly worthy of note in this game-play preview are;

  • Improved graphics; and we still have some way to go before release…
  • Increased gas mask interactivity; it feels like this is going to really help immerse you in Last Light’s world.
  • Increased “companion” interactivity; No better way to increase immersion than by “befriending” a realistic person.
  • More and improved “flashbacks”; To really tie you into the game world then and now.
  • Combat, interactive?, cut scenes; so you’re not just shooting them down the sights all the time.
  • The filter watch; giving you a more accurate sense of how long you have left on your precious filters.
  • Environmental interactivity; Tree falling, lightning setting tree alight, spiders emerging from corpse, weather change
  • Improved cinematic experience; Flocking birds, lighting changes, lightning casting ghost shadows, improved sound-scape

Anyway, I’m definitely excited to hear more about Metro: Last Light going forward and can’t wait for “Q1 2013″ when we are due to receive it in our acid rain eroded and radiation exposed hands… :-)

(After seeing this I tried to pre-order it, but it isn’t available yet, so I took my next best option, I fired up Metro 2033 for yet another run through… oh thou sweet gaming nirvana!)

Oh, and expect a little competition shortly… it seems mean-spirited to keep my Metro 2033 enjoyment all to myself… I feel we should spread the joy a little… do you have Steam? Are you up for a challenge? Who knows what you might find in the rubble surrounding the Metro…

- Richard “Rax” Burley

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