The Elder Scrolls Online MMO – What We Know So Far

LAST UPDATED: Saturday 19th of May 2012. So, we’re quite excited about the development of this little title, one to which we are bound to loose a frighteningly large number of hours… so, mainly to satisfy our own interest, and in “our” we include you, we’ve put together this page as a repository of all [...]

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Fri, May 4 2012 » Opinion Pieces » 3 Comments

Skyrim Sequel to be Elder Scrolls MMO

And so we have it, the next Elder Scrolls is going to be an MMO. Well, we certainly have a lot of ideas about where it could go and what sort of features it could / should include in our “Skyrim Sequel Speculation” piece, but as for further details all we really know is that [...]

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Fri, May 4 2012 » Gaming News » 2 Comments

New Final Fantasy XIV Campaigns

Square Enix have announced two new campaigns aimed at rewarding the community members of their MMO Final Fantasy XIV. The Legacy Campaign gives slightly slower subscription fees, a free Chocobo mount (pictured above), and a chance to have your name included in the game’s credits, to those that have been subscribed to the game for [...]

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Fri, April 20 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

SWTOR: “Legacy” System Detailed

Wondering what will keep you coming back to SWTOR after maxing that first character? Legacies, that’s what! – Richard “Rax” Burley

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Thu, March 22 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

The Secret World out 19th June

Funcom have just confirmed this eagerly anticipated MMO will be launching on Tuesday the 19th of June 2012. We’ve been watching his one for months now (as have most MMO fans to be fair!) so we are delighted to get a release date at last! Roll on June, and the massively multi-player present day Illuminati [...]

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Tue, February 21 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments