Skyrim Mods via Steam Workshop

Bethesda have announced that fully integrated modding for Skyrim will be delivered via Steam using Bethesda’s very own “Creation Kit”. Features of Steam Workshop, which will be used to deliver and manage these mods, is going to include the ability for users to submit, browse, rate, and download mods. This is the best possible scenario [...]

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Portal 2 + DLC for £10 / $15 / €15

Steam, never ones to rest on their laurels, have come up with a particularly good deal for one of the best games of the year, Portal 2. This one is pretty simple in our opinion; If you are a PC gamer and don’t already own Portal 2, but have some spare pennies, you should invest [...]

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Review: Hard Reset

Game: Hard Reset Format: PC Developer: The Flying Wild Hog Publisher: Valve Corporation Hard Reset is a very weird game. In terms of gameplay it seems like a game that has been yanked out of its time period and dropped in a strange and foreign land. Modern first person shooters are fun, but they are really different from [...]

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Steam Introduces Cross-Game Trading

Steam have just launched an innovative new feature bringing a “Swap Shop” to digital platforms for the first time. In addition to trading one game’s items amongst other players of that game, players will also be able to trade items across games, and indeed, games themselves. So with the possibility of say… erm… trading a [...]

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Origin vs Steam – Round 2

So, we’ve all heard of Crysis 2 dropping off Steam, and that Battlefield 3 may well be giving Steam a miss, but now Dragon Age 2 has mysteriously disappeared from Steam. This is most likely a continuation of the “debate” between EA & Valve around who controls patching & user communication when Steam is delivering [...]

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