Saints Row 3 Gets Penthouse DLC

THQ have released new downloadable content for Saints Row The Third adding a new group of assistants to call to your aid, the Penthouse Pets (think Playboy Bunnies). Check out the first screenshots and the official description below: Ass kicking just got a whole lot better looking. Introducing the Saints Row: The Third Penthouse Pack, [...]

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Saints Row 3 To Get Superpowers

THQ have announced that they are developing a new DLC pack for their popular open world game Saints Row: The Third entitled Enter The Dominatrix. The publisher describes this new add on as a “groundbreaking standalone expansion” and promises that it will add a new level of insanity to the already quite frantic and frenzied [...]

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Saints Row: The Third (PC) – £10

Crazy game, crazy value! – Rax

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Saints Row: The Third (360) – £20

Grab it quick before someone ambushes you wielding a ridiculous weapon! – Rax

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Review:- Saints Row The Third

Game: Saints Row the Third Format: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Developer: Volition Inc. Publisher: THQ When the original Saints Row came out I was unimpressed. I tried the demo on my Xbox and felt it was just a modern GTA rip-off with a heavy “gansta” theme (which I really dislike). However, months later at a friend’s [...]

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