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Saints Row: The ThirdHave you ever had a dream that in which you attempted to rob a big, American bank, dressed in a hotdog costume, brandishing a super soaker, whilst your accomplice runs around in just a thong and a paper bag on his head, wielding a baguette as his weapon of choice?

No, me neither.

But for those that did, you were able to recreate your, quite frankly MENTAL, dreams in Saints Row 2, THQ’s second installment in the Saints Row series. Taking a sillier, more over the top approach to GTA-esque, sandbox games, it was crazy moments like the aforementioned which led to the game winning over gamers everywhere, transforming the game into a cult hit.

For fans of the game, the future is looking ever so brighter as you have another game in the series to look forward too, Saints Row: The Third. Due out in November, Saints Row: The Third looks to build on the series redirection, which came with the second game of the now trilogy, and take things to even greater heights.

Saints Row 2 marked a drastic changed from the first, in that it swapped out all the “serious” gangsta moments and embraced a more comical, juvenile side which struck a chord with its legion of die hard fans. Those who were fans of that (including myself) are in for a treat when Saints Row Trois (3) hits the shelves as it look to embrace the series outlandish, wackier moments even more than before. Whilst it will sport the same insane level of customization seen in the previous Saints Row title, numero 3 will add extra eccentricity and sheer insanity into the mix through new gameplay mechanics and a brand new cast of flamboyant characters.

Screenshot of Saints Row 3

Saints Row: The Third is set to take all out craziness to whole new extremes.

From the appearance of famous ex-pornstar, Sasha Grey, in the game to exuberant pimp, Zimos, and Luchadores Mexican wrestling gang leader, Killbane (who of course sports a bright green suit and matching luchadore mask), or even Professor Genki, the man cat who comes complete with his own vehicle that sports a cannon which fires out people  (The Man-o-Pult to give it its proper name) Saints Row: The Third will ensure that its cast of characters is by far the zaniest and most excessive to date.

The game’s choice of weaponry is also set to hit heights above the previous games in terms of creativity and balls out, lunacy. Alongside the obvious guns and melee weapons are armaments like the the previously mentioned Man-o-Pult, The Octopus Gun, which incapacitates enemies by launching tiny, little octopi at their face, and the much talked about, Dildo Bat, a baseball bat with a GIANT dildo attached at the top. Needless to say these are just some of the plethora of “unique” weapons to wield at your disposal.

Screenshot of Saints Row 3

From the weapons on show in the preview, our favourite was certainly the Dildo Bat.

In order to REALLY ramp up levels of craziness, Saints Row 3 will couple an aforementioned, brand new gameplay mechanic, with the games over the top arsenal, to allow the player to create some truly bat sh*t mental, moments. Saints Row 3′s new awesome button will let players to modify in game actions, with epic consequences. For example, you want to carjack that gang vehicle? Why drag the guy out when you can fly through the air and dropkick the driver by smashing through the windscreen? See that elderly lady across the street? Why knock her unconscious with a baseball bat when you can run and Tornado DDT on her, rendering her dead? Although it doesn’t seem to have any big pay off or draw back, the intrigue the “awesome button” seems to create when combined with different actions within the game looks as if it will keep you laughing historically for hours on end.

Aside from the more outrageous aspects highlighted in the games trailers and promotional materials, Saints Row 3 will mark an improvement in terms of overall graphics for the series. During the brief time I had with the game, you will notice it looks far more vibrant and crisper than any of the Saints Row games previous.

If you were a fan of Saints Row 2′s more tongue in cheek approach to sandbox, “gangsta/mafia” style games, you should probably pick up Saints Row: The Third when it comes out in November. It looks set to take the bar set by number 2 in terms of silliness and down right absurdity and take it to a whole new level. In amongst a hectic time for game releases, Saints Row: The Third will provide some light relief from all the super serious titles slated for release.

- Kieran Roycroft

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