Free New Pokemon Available Now

The Pokémon Company International  have announced that they are giving fans several ways to experience and wield the nightmarish powers of the Mythical Dark-type Pokémon Darkrai. Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version video game players can now get a Level 50 Darkrai through a special character distribution via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. This [...]

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Unique Shiny Pokemon Up For Grabs

Pokemon fanatics out there should probably consider making their way to the Pokemon Videogame National Championships that are taking place across Europe as attendees will be given a free download of the unique Shiny Pokemon Larvitar. In order to qualify for the free download players will need to bring along their copy of the Pokémon [...]

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CAP 133 – The Age of Generations

This week we discuss the merits of Dragon Age 2 and the demerits of the Sonic Generations demo. Plus we have the NPD numbers for May and the games Coming Soon for July. Some of the games we bring up include El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, Torchlight, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Pokemon White, Magic: The [...]

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CAP 130 – Noire Heroes

We jump through space and time to clear out some of the games in our backlog. Jason ties up some loose ends in Uncharted 2 and heads back to the 40′s to clean up the streets of Hollywood in L.A. Noire. Steven spins a tale of a Clash of Heroes and dusts off the Wii [...]

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CAP 126 – Don’t Poke Your Ys Out With Those Cards

We go on a trip down Yu-Gi-Oh! lane again this week with a discussion about the XBLA version of 5D’s. Jason gives us a history lesson in the world of Ys and finally plays one of his highly anticipated games. Steven decided to stop running around on a bridge in Pokemon White and continue playing [...]

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