Peter Molyneux Leaves Microsoft

Breaking news from twitter: peter molyneux ‏ : I have left the lovely amazing Microsoft and lionhead. Now for something really amazing, scary and brave a new company called 22 Cans This has come as quite a surprise, considering that Molyenux and Lionhead has at least two Fable games on the horizon, Fable Heroes [...]

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Fable 3 (360) – £8

If you don’t own it, grab it now… – Rax

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Review: Fable 3

Game: Fable III Format: Xbox 360 Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios Fable games have always been defined by the promises they fail to keep and Fable III is no different. For a good long stretch of the game the predominant feeling is likely to be one of deja-vu. Graphically all-but identical and stylistically [...]

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Preview: Fable 3

At this years Eurogamer Expo we were fortunate enough to sit down and get hands on with the next installment in Microsoft’s flagship role playing series, Fable 3. Immediate impressions were strong; the game’s trademark visual style remains intact, with a beautifully designed environments and crystal clear graphics.

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Adam thinks… 4 Teh LOLZ

Throughout my gaming life I have always been a sucker for the hype. I’ll always be the guy pushing in line at the ticket office to make sure I get two seats on the hype train, with computer games gaining more exposure in the mainstream media, it’s hard not to jump on board and I like to put my feet up from time to time. But more often than not the trains are shoddily built with cheap materials and they soon derail, sometimes even before they have even left the station.

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