Interview:- DiRT: Showdown’s Senior Game Designer Mike Chapman

Continuing his travels across the UK Tom Wallis recently met with Codemasters’ Mike Chapman to talk about their upcoming destructive racing game DiRT: Showdown. In our near ten minute interview Tom gets all the details on the game’s youtube compatibility, how it utilises RaceNet, and why there’s a lower case i in the name DiRT.

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Video Preview:- Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a near-future squad based shooter from Ubisoft set in the volatile world of Tom Clancy.  Recently a multiplayer beta was made available to those that have preordered the game or anyone that currently owns Splinter Cell: Conviction on Xbox 360. After securing a code Adam Radcliffe took it upon himself [...]

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Interview:- Stuart White, Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s Lead Producer

At a recent press event our very own Tom Wallis was given the opportunity to sit down and chat with some of the key people behind Ubisoft’s upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier. In our first interview Tom speaks with Stuart White, the game’s Multiplayer producer, from Ubisoft Red Storm about the game’s long creation process, [...]

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Video:- Hands On With Sniper Elite V2

Recently the good people at Rebellion released a playable demo of their World War 2 sniping game Sniper Elite V2 and our resident special person Adam Radcliffe took the time to download it. After playing through the demo a few times Adam decided produce a short video looking at what you can expect to see [...]

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Video: Hands on with Playstation Vita

The UK release of the Playstation vita is a little under a month away now, but Japanese gamers have been able to buy the system since mid-December. Knowing that our readers are keen to hear more about Sony’s next portable gaming system we have given our Japanese corespondent Sabbi Stone a special mission. After submitting [...]

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