Army Corps of Hell Multiplayer Trailer

Square Enix have sent over a trailer for Army Corps of Hell, a Playstation Vita launch title, focusing on the game’s multiplayer mode. From many of the creative minds behind Nintendo’s Pikmin, Army Corps of Hell puts you in the role of an evil tyrant that once ruled the world. After having been defeated you [...]

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Video: Hands on with Playstation Vita

The UK release of the Playstation vita is a little under a month away now, but Japanese gamers have been able to buy the system since mid-December. Knowing that our readers are keen to hear more about Sony’s next portable gaming system we have given our Japanese corespondent Sabbi Stone a special mission. After submitting [...]

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Review:- Playstation Vita (Welcome Park)

This has been a long time coming, relatively, considering how long the Vita has been out in Japan. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of seeing its numbers sell well during the first week, slip in the second and more recently, be outsold by its predecessor once more. In fact, I can’t go into any [...]

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Latest UMVC3 Vita Screenshots

Capcom have just sent over the latest batch of screenshots for their Playstation Vita launch title Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. This portable version of the game will feature full touch screen support, bonus character costume colours, and cross-compatability with the Playstation 3 version of the game. Capcom’s full press release shares more details:- The [...]

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CAP 132 – E3 2011

Yes, we are still alive. This week we recap everything from all the E3 press conferences, all be it later than intended. Jason goes on a major rant; tune in to find out why. For an MP3 copy of the show, right click the link below the player and choose Save As. You can also [...]

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