Video: Hands on with Playstation Vita

The UK release of the Playstation vita is a little under a month away now, but Japanese gamers have been able to buy the system since mid-December. Knowing that our readers are keen to hear more about Sony’s next portable gaming system we have given our Japanese corespondent Sabbi Stone a special mission. After submitting her full review of the Playstation Vita to the site earlier this week Sabbi has taken the opportunity to send over some video footage of some of the Playstation Vita’s built in apps to further illustrate some of her points.

In the following videos you will not only see her demonstrate the touch screen controls in the fun little game called Digit Chase (in which the objective is to tap numbers in sequence in order to clear the screen) but she will also show off the Sound Loop and Hello Face apps which are, quite frankly, a little bizarre.

So now you know what to expect from some of the built in software and the touch screen interface. Stay tuned for our full review of Playstation Vita games over the coming weeks.

Wed, January 25 2012 » Videos

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