Video:- Hands On With Sniper Elite V2

Recently the good people at Rebellion released a playable demo of their World War 2 sniping game Sniper Elite V2 and our resident special person Adam Radcliffe took the time to download it. After playing through the demo a few times Adam decided produce a short video looking at what you can expect to see in this promising looking title.

In this video you will hear Adam profess his love for slow motion head shot kills and see him play around with some pretty dastardly traps. If you are of a sensitive disposition then we recommend that you do not watch this video as it contains some fairly graphic kills as well as a little bit of salty language.

Sniper Elite V2 is due to be release this May on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. If you preorder the game you will be given a free download code for a bonus mission in which your main objective is to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Stay tuned to for our full review of Sniper Elite V2 in the coming weeks.

Thu, April 12 2012 » PC/Mac, Previews, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360

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