Retro Fix:- Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus

Tired of the same old characters and settings? Feel like you’ve shot enough Russians in the face to destroy the entire vodka industry? Seen enough zombies to populate an incredibly annoying protest rally in central San Fransico? Want to face off against a carnivorous wild animal with a hand for a face?In that case, you [...]

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Thu, July 28 2011 » Retrospectives » No Comments

Retro Fix:- X-Com

While the new “XCOM” game by 2K Games won’t be out for a while, the massive wildfire it has created on the internet is still raging. Many younger gamers won’t understand what the whole deal is, seeing as the original games were released almost two decades ago (God I feel old…), and thus it occurred [...]

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Wed, July 20 2011 » Retrospectives » 3 Comments

Retro Fix:- Call of Duty 2

The run up to Christmas has become something of a gaming event these past few years. Why you may ask? Well it’s the one time of the year when every man and his bleedin’ dog seems to release yet another game to add to your list to Santa, it’s HUGE business. Take this year for [...]

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Tue, November 9 2010 » Retrospectives » 6 Comments

Retro Fix:- Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)

Why Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System) is secretly the best Sonic game Not too long ago I entered an elite club. No, not the Stone Cutters or the Illuminati, I joined the few people who love the Sega Master System. Like many people, I was brought up on the Nintendo consoles, ignoring all other consoles [...]

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Thu, July 22 2010 » Retrospectives » 4 Comments

Retro Fix:- Sega Saturn

With E3 fast approaching, The Newb Review has taken the opportunity to look back over the years to see the kind of excitement to come out of E3′s past, to predict what we could be seeing in the near future. This year marks E3s 15th anniversary as well as the 15 year anniversary of a [...]

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Mon, June 7 2010 » Retrospectives » 3 Comments