Sequel Speculation:- Batman: Arkham 3

Batman Arkham… County? Country? World? We dare not speculate on the direction Rocksteady are going to take with their next Batman game. Rest assured, even if Batman Arkham City wasn’t the massive sales juggernaut that it has proven to be, Arkham City is stuffed full of teasers for the next game so a sequel is inevitable. The game is filled with secrets ranging from encoded radio messages, hidden rooms, and a specific side mission that warns Batman that Gotham will burn following the events of Arkham City, so you can bet that Rocksteady have a solid idea of where they’re going next.

Whatever it is called, we’re certain it’ll be a fantastic game, and we’re sure that Rocksteady know what they’re doing. However, until the game is officially announced all we can do is speculate on where they’ll go with the next entry in their Arkham series. Until that time, here are a few of our thoughts on what we want to see from Rocksteady. We’ll try as hard as we can to avoid major spoilers, but if you haven’t played Arkham City yet we recommend that you stop reading right now.

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Ever since the success of Bioshock it seems like almost every other game released these days has collectible audio diaries of some sort that are used as a quick way of filling in the game’s back-story. Arkham Asylum used this idea in the form of recordings of the villains’ psychotherapy sessions, and for the most part they were all fantastic. However, considering the vast number of villains contained in their games, it seems strange that there were so few of them to collect.

Rocksteady have made a great start with the audio tapes. Now we want more!

If I were Rocksteady I would feature more of these recordings as a way of giving villains more screen time, and take advantage of the extensive knowledge of the game’s lead writer Paul Dini, who wrote many of the best episodes of the seminal 1990s Batman Animated Series.

Animate the Arkham Stories:

One of the new additions to Arkham City was the inclusion of unlockable Arkham Stories, short stories that detailed what happened between the two Arkham Games. As Warner Brothers is the game’s publisher, and Warner are well known for their animation department, why not animate these Arkham Stories? Warner Brothers have already produced a number of short animated vignettes for Batman Gotham City Impostors, a downloadable shooter that is coming out in early 2012, so why not extend the budget a little to make Arkham 3 that much more spectacular?

Much like the inclusion of more audio diaries, this would also grant some of the obscure villains more screen time, and further flesh out the world.

Better Use of Villains:

One valid criticism of Arkham City is that some villains did not get the exposure they needed. For instance, the Mad Hatter was actually quite central to the plot, but was barely used outside of a handful of audio diaries and one short mission. And the final boss (whose identity we won’t spoil here) could have been used more effectively, considering the build up.

The Mad Hatter should have (and could have) been used more

While we’re at it, how about using some more unconventional villains? Rocksteady should be praised for using characters such as Zsasz, Calendarman and Deadshot, but how about more challenging foes like Prometheus, Man-Bat, or Firefly?

Calendarman Missions:

Imagine if Rocksteady took the concept of Calendarman, a criminal that only commits crimes on holidays, and used that in their next game? Yes Calendarman already makes an appearance in Arkham City, and if you visit him on set holidays he will share holiday-themed stories with you, but imagine if rather than listening to his crimes you had a chance to play them! For instance, boot up your copy of Arkham 3 on Halloween and you find Calendarman doing some fatal trick or treating? Or on Christmas Day he is dropping explosive presents down unsuspecting citizens’ chimneys.

That’d one way to keep people from trading it in!

Greater focus on Detective Mode:

Considering that Batman is supposed to be the world’s greatest detective a lot of the cases that Batman solves in the two Arkham games have been incredibly simplistic. Your average task in Arkham Asylum had you following trails of blood, pollen, and other substances, while the crime scene inverstigation in Arkham City expanded in to following the trajectory of a gunshot and scanning dead bodies. Not exactly jobs that require massive feats of deductive prowess.

Arkham City's crime scene analysis was deeper than Arkham Asylum's, but it still has further to go

We’re not saying that we want incredibly complicated puzzles, but a bit more variety would be a welcome addition.

Co-op Challenge Rooms:

After having introduced Catwoman, Azrael, Robin, and Nightwing to the Arkham Universe it would make sense to produce some sort of co-operative element to the next title. Personally we don’t think that the main story mode should be co-operative, but there is plenty of scope for co-operative challenge missions. For instance, you could just take the established Combat Challenges and Silent Predator missions from the previous two games and introduce co-operative missions. Imagine being able to co-ordinate stealth take-downs, or team together to take down a room full of thugs. It would be great.

But you know what would be even better? A separate co-op story mode, like the one seen in Splinter Cell Conviction and Rage, that compliments the game’s main story. How great would it be if you could play important moments from Batman’s past co-operatively?

Separate Catwoman Mode:

One of my major gripes with Arkham City was the way that Rocksteady shoehorned Catwoman in to the main game’s narrative. At various points in the story you would stop playing as Batman and take over as Catwoman, who had her own unique control scheme and missions. Now the main problem with this is that it really broke the flow of the story, and parts of it just didn’t make sense; at the end of the first Catwoman segment she is captured by Poison Ivy who threatens to kill her, then at the start of her second mission, some six hours later in-game time, the conversation picks up exactly where it left off as if only a few seconds had passed.

Catwoman's missions would've been better suited to a separate mode

Most people probably won’t care about that, but this disregard for the laws of time really got my goat. This could all have been avoided if they had simply made the Catwoman missions a separate mode, like Assignment Ada in Resident Evil 4. This would also allow people that didn’t like playing as Catwoman the opportunity to just ignore her, rather than having to slog through her missions before you get to continue playing as Batman.

Adam West DLC:

How amazing would the game be if you could play it as Adam West’s Batman? ‘Nuff said.

We don’t genuinely think that Rocksteady will take all of these suggestions on board, but we hope to see some of these ideas make the cut in Batman’s next adventure.

- Luke Mears

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  1. Rax December 2 2011 @ 12:41 pm

    Seconded! All of them!
    Particularly; Calendarman events, Adam West & Detective mode, would all be big improvements…

  2. Justin December 7 2011 @ 7:42 am

    The Catwoman stories didn’t pick up six hours later. They were happening at the same time as the Batman stories. I realized this when playing as Catwoman and breaking into the vault to get the briefcases. Basically, you play as Batman fighting the Joker, his thugs, the Abramovici twin and a titan villain, then the mill is bombed. At this point Batman gets stuck under the rubble. Then the game jumps back in time to Catwoman’s story right where it left off with Ivy. Not all those hours later. Listen to the intercom when she’s breaking into the vault. A voice says they have Batman in the mill. Strange then gives the order to bomb it, they then confirm the hit and then Batman’s image is shown on the TV. If it had already been bombed, his image would have been on the TV the whole time. The story isn’t linear in this sense. There’s a clear jump back and forth.

  3. Mightyles December 7 2011 @ 8:06 am

    I understand that it does jump back in time, but I think that perhaps I didn’t make myself clear enough. Play it again and listen to Hugo Strange during the catwoman missions. During the second mission, when you enter Ivy’s lair, it says protocol 10 will initiate in 8 hours (or so), meanwhile in the third mission, some 20 minutes later in-game time, Strange goes says that protocol 10 will initiate in 30 minutes. That’s the big issue there. Was catwoman just left hanging for 7 hours, or did they not think it through properly?

  4. BILLYBOBJOE December 19 2011 @ 6:18 pm

    yea i do think the catwoman story should be separteted from the batman story.It kinda felt weird jumping back and forth from batman to catwoman.I also think that the next game should be the WHOLE Gotham city imagine just going around the city and like the acts of violence from arkham city why not stop bank robberies i remember at the start of The Dark Night movie that there was a bank robbery by joker.Mabye Even add scarcrows gang. You can see them in arkham city during Protocol 10 by crank co and some other buildings.Also I think they should just scratch TITAN its just not that fun playling titian bosses and always have to reapet combos to deafeat the like dodge, batarang, punch and so on I liked the Mr Freeze boss fight it was well made and gave you that weird jumpy feeling like when your on a rollercoaster they should add more bosses like that.The batwing would also make a fun addition to the arkhamverse you could fly threw gotham.

  5. Math27 December 30 2011 @ 4:55 am

    Hello, I enjoy your post as I would enjoy a Batman 3, but I think that Arkham City Sounded like ” we killed joker, stop with it!!!”, if we have a 3, i think my suggest would be:1- let us drive batmobile!!!!
    2- this fcking night never ends???
    Thank you all!!!

  6. Mightyles December 30 2011 @ 11:25 am

    One other thing I would quite like to see is more environmental takedowns. You can already smash through windows and skylights to take enemies out, but I’d like to see a bit more creativity. For instance, in the recent Batcave DLC you can see the mechanical dinosaur, the batmobile, and the batwing – it would’ve been great if you could use them somehow to initiate a take down. Failing that, how about incorporating them in to the actual challenges – for instance, activate the mechanical dinosaur to frighten an enemy, or smash their head through a certain trophy cabinet. That’d freshen up the preadator challenges no ends!

  7. Frederick January 10 2012 @ 2:57 pm

    they may have killed Joker in the story but if you listen to the credits you have a missed call from him and he begins to sing to Batman sometime after he was supposedly dead, then at the end you also hear harley quinn, jokers girlfriend, singing to a baby. An easter egg to prove that point is to go back into the steel mill where joker and harley quinn hide out and right next to her old costume on the ground is a pregnancy test which is positive. So say if they did kill Joker once and for all, they’re would still be scarecrow, killer croc, azrael, hush and harley quinn and her baby to keep the story going…

  8. batman January 15 2012 @ 3:41 pm

    I would love to see more cameos like the hero side, even justice league-rs, maybe superman will fly in to save the day then batman will say “get off my city!” Yeah would love to ride batmobile and batwing but please don’t make it a racing mini-game, there’s too much of that already. nightwing and robin looked absolutely amazing would love to see them in missions. kinda like raiden to solid snake. You could also do an underwater mission batman predator in the deep blue then have croc be the boss. And more unlockable/downloadable skins with ingame variations like invisibility for batman begins suit. aah, I would absolutely go nuts for a 3rd installment!

  9. Daniel January 28 2012 @ 7:25 pm

    I’d love an inclusion of Dick Grayson as batman that would be cool. Plus more Ra’s Al ghul he is bad ass enough to be THE villain of the next game.

  10. Kiva February 24 2012 @ 5:10 am

    Dick GraysonSucks

  11. Mike April 23 2012 @ 5:45 pm

    co op story of batman and robin, i agree with everything above,have some lesser known villians in the next installment like Rat Catcher or Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Great White Shark, killer Moth, and Zeus, continue the Armadaus Arkham stuff, in the next installment show harley as being pregnat because in Arkham City if you look there is a positive pregnacy test on a table. Bring Scarecrow back and Killer Crock. for side missions make them easier cause i had troble figuring out the Hush Deadshot, and Azreal side missions and no more batcomputer flying sidemissions i also found those very difficult. also bring the Ridler back i love the ridler secrets

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