Overrated:- Tiny Tower

Every once in a while a game comes along that captures the attention of the gaming population. A few months back Tiny Tower was just such a game. The idea is simple; build a tower with a mix of residential suites and services to maximise happiness and coin in order to continue building your tower ad infinatum. Having now purchased an appropriate device on which to play the game and in a bid to find the best iPad games out there, I figured the rave reviews must have some grounding, right?

Having played for a good few hours now I can honestly say that either I’m completely missing the point, or the general populace suffered a month long bought of believethehypetitis.

Here’s how a quick playthrough pans out once you’ve built your initial few floors:

Step 1. Restock any floors with services (restaurants, launderette etc.)

Step 2. See if you have enough coins to build a new floor (you probably won’t)

Step 3. Take visitor to requested floor in the elevator

Step 4. Return to step 3.

Of course, if I fired her whilst she was restocking she’d probably steal everything on her way out.

So maybe this is a touch  reductive but it’s all essentially true. You can speed things along by spending Tower Bux, varying amounts of which can reduce the amount of time needed to restock or get your construction workers to build faster in what can only be described as an immoral and unethical backhander.

Tiny Tower then is a city building game with all the charm of a scratched J-Pop record; sickly sweet and eminently repetitive. This is much more an elevator operator simulation than the fun building game it was reported to be just a few months ago. I recommend you avoid it. Right, I’m off to restock the launderette.

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- Tom Wallis

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