DLC Review:- Batman Arkham City: The Challenge Map Pack

Game: Batman Arkham City: Challenge Map Pack Format: Xbox 360, OnLive, PS3, PC Developer: Rocksteady Studios Publisher: Warner Brothers The latest piece of significant downloadable content for Rocksteady Studio’s Batman Arkham City takes the form of The Challenge Map Pack. For 240 Microsoft points (around £2) and £2.39 on Playstation Network you can purchase three [...]

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Just Dance 3 Gets Some Mario

Today, Ubisoft have announced a new downloadable track for its best-seller Just Dance 3, featuring Nintendo’s Moustachioed Mascot Mario. The track will be downloadable through the in-game Just Dance store on December 14th for 250 Wii Points, exclusively on Wii… sorry Xbox and PS3 owners! After distinguishing himself in kart and football, Mario will set [...]

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DLC Review:- Arkham City Challenge Map Packs

Barely a month after the release of Batman Arkham City developer Rocksteady studios have supported the title with an unprecedented amount of downloadable content. The first two pieces of DLC brought new characters to the game’s substantial Riddler’s Revenge challenge mode, Nightwing and Robin, as well as playing around with the game’s formula by introducing [...]

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iRate:- The DLC Season Pass

With game publishers looking to extract every single dollar from gamers they can in a world where the idea of free costumes for playing a game is antiquated and Gamestop (along with the various online grey market sellers) are looked at the same way as the Eye of Mordor, the newest trend is to bundle [...]

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DLC Review:- Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Bundle Pack

Game: Batman Arkham City: Nightwing Bundle Pack Format: Xbox 360, PS3 Developer: Rocksteady Studios Publisher: Warner Brothers The Nightwing Bundle Pack is the first piece of paid downloadable content for Batman: Arkham City and, as the name suggests, it brings Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, as a playable character. However you will not be playing as [...]

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