Surgicalslinky’s Newb Time: League of Legends

Our resident youtuber Surgicalslinky is back for another video, this time looking at the epic PC game League of Legends, chronicling his first impressions with this game.

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Thu, April 25 2013 » Videos » No Comments

Quick Look:- Slender: The Arrival Beta

SurgicalSlink is back for another video and this time he’s brought a friend with him to hold his hand as they play their way through the intensely frightening beta for Slender: The Arrival. Be warned this video is filled with not safe for work words and is actually pretty scary!

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Video:- The Unfinished Swan Complete Play Through

Today we welcome a new member to the team, SurgicalSlinky, who will be regularly popping on the site to share his video content. The first series of videos that he will be sharing with us is a complete run through of Giant Sparow’s beautiful downloadable PS3 exclusive The Unfinished Swan. In our full review [...]

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