Awesomenauts Community Address

Now that craziness of the Awesomenauts has calmed down the game’s creators at Ronimo Games have released their first community address. In this statement the guys talk about the game’s success, with other half a million games played to date, detail their first patch, and provide a quick glimpse at the first downloadable Awesomenaut. Check [...]

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Review:- Awesomenauts

Game: Awesomenauts Format: PSN (reviewed), XBLA Devloper: Ronimo Games Publisher: DTP Entertainment Despite the financial problems that DTP Entertainment has had recently the release of Awesomenauts has gone off without a hitch. But is this game Awesome or does it deserve a nought? With the bad puns out of the way let’s talk about the [...]

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Awesomenauts Release Date

We have received word that Awesomenauts, a side-scrolling multiplayer shooter, has finally got a release date. The game will be landing on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN from 1st May. To celebrate the announcement the guys as Ronimo have sent over the following trailer: We recently got some hands on time with the game, and [...]

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Awesomenauts Art Trailer

The lovely people at Ronimo Games have sent over a new trailer for their fun downloadable side-scrolling combat game Awseomenauts detailing how some of the game’s charming art was made. We got out hands on the game a few months back and it really is shaping up to be a great downloadable game. Interested in [...]

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Preview:- Awesomenauts

Awesomenauts is an online side-scrolling battle arena title coming to PC, XBLA and PSN this year. The gameplay focuses on 3-on-3 battles across three different arenas, with full drop-in / drop-out multiplayer; the remaining non-human characters being taken over by AI. There’s a not insubstantial 24 customisation options to help tailor your gameplay style, add [...]

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