Quick Look:- Anarchy Reigns

Following on from this morning’s preview, we have produced a Quick Look video showing exactly what you can expect from the upcoming Anarchy Reigns. For those that haven’t read the article (shame on you), Anarchy Reigns is essentially the sequel to Platinum Games’ violent Wii title MadWorld, except this time the over the top action [...]

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Preview:- Anarchy Reigns

Game: Anarchy Reigns Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Developer: Platinum Games Publisher: Sega Anarchy Reigns is the fifth game from the incredibly talented Japanese studio Platinum Games. The relatively young studio has been responsible for some phenomenal games, including Bayonetta and Vanquish, and when Anarchy Reigns was first announced we knew it would be something [...]

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newbreview.com Podcast Episode 76: Pirate Podcast

Tom, Adam and Kieran are kidnapped and locked away by Luke, Richard and Jose. With their dastardly work done, the trio then take it upon themselves to record a podcast. The polite yet evil so and so’s. MP3 Download / iTunes / RSS Feed

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Retro Quick Look:- Luigi’s Mansion

Originally released in Europe in May 2002 as a Gamecube launch title, Luigi’s Mansion is the first full game to star Mario’s effeminate brother. The basic premise was simple: Upon receiving a letter informing him that he had won a Mansion, Luigi sets out to claim his new home. However things quickly take a turn [...]

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Quick Look:- Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Harley Quinn’s Revenge is the final piece of downloadable content for last year’s smash-hit title Batman Arkham City. Taking place in a brand new location within the walls of the infamous titular mega prison, Harley Quinn’s Revenge tasks players with rescuing captured police officers from the clutches of the demented Harley Quinn as both Batman [...]

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