Guide:- Fighting Game Tournaments

It has been said that we’re a competitive species – from human antiquity we have fought unremittingly over resources, life and love. As we’ve evolved (or perhaps devolved) we’ve become more disposed to maiming and sodomising one another over Xbox Live and PSN, than clubbing each other over the head in person. Most of us [...]

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Mon, February 13 2012 » Guides & Tips » 1 Comment

Review: Super Street Fighter IV

Game: Super Street Fighter IV Format: Xbox 360 Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom First, I can’t help but put a personal note apologising for my absence recently. Crunch times in real life sure do take their toll on writing. Especially when those deadlines involve writing.  Not to mention, this is a little old now, but it’s [...]

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Thu, May 13 2010 » PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 3 Comments

Checkmate Arcade 94 – The Activision Exodus

Once again, the audio gremlins appear to haunt the show. This week we talk about more people leaving Infinity Ward, Splinter Cell: Conviction, The Maw, and the Blur demo. Plus we have a glut of news from Konami. For an MP3 copy of the show, right click the link and choose Save As. MP3 Link [...]

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Sat, April 17 2010 » Recommended Podcasts » 1 Comment