’s Avatar Kinect Show Episode 1

Today  we present a new regular show made using Microsoft’s Avatar Kinect app which we are calling’s Avatar Kinect Show. In our debut episode Tom and Luke discuss the top three news stories of the week, including the new models of Wii and PSP, GamesCom 2011, and the rumours of a new 3DS that are being [...]

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EA Community Cast from Gamescom 2011!

So, for those of you that don’t know,’s very own Tom Wallis and Richard Burley were selected along with some lovely chaps from & to fly out to this year’s Gamescom and check out EA’s line-up at the event Listen as the gang have a round table discussion about everything EA at [...]

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Video: GamesCom 2011 Round-Up

Live from the GamesCom 2011 Tom and Richard are joined by Adam Freeman from to discuss their experiences as members of the EA community press team. Some of the games discussed include Battlefield 3, Need For Speed: The Run, and Mass Effect 3.

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Tue, August 23 2011 » Videos » No Comments Podcast Episode 37

This week’s Tom Wallis and Richard “Rax” Burley are joined by’s Adam Freeman live from GamesCom 2011. The show’s usual structure is abandoned this week as they guys instead talk about everything they have seen at the show. MP3 Download / iTunes / RSS Feed

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Need for Speed The Run | GamesCom ‘The Run’ Competition

Our friends at EA are giving away a free copy of Need For Speed The Run to one lucky person. There are no trick questions, or brain testing conundrums to solve, all you need to do is gaze in to your crystal ball and tell us who you think would win in a race between [...]

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