First Look:- Crysis 3

Few games were as lauded in their first iteration as the original Crysis was. Its launch being a real “where were you when…” moment in gaming. The game delivered generously in the graphics department and launched a whole generation of PC upgrades. Following its inevitably successful launch and glowing reviews it even spawned a sub-culture [...]

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CryEngine 3 for MechWarrior Online

So, hands up who’s excited about MechWarrior Online? (*two hands up from yours truly*) Who thinks CryEngine is pretty awesome? (*A further hand up here, wait, where did that hand come from?*) Anyone not agree that free-to-play is a nice, democratic way of distributing games? (*OK, one leg up this time, 4 hands would be [...]

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Original Crysis PS3 & XBox 360 Bound

The original Crysis will be coming to both XBox 360 & PS3 next month. This back-release will include refreshed console controls & 3D stereoscopic visuals, but, and it’s a biggie, will only be available via download. Set to cost 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live or £15.99 on the PlayStation Network, it won’t be cheap, [...]

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