Preview:- Dead Space 3

The Dead Space games have so far built an audience based on a reputation as a final stronghold for intensely threatening, ominous horror, unafraid to liberally spatter their creaking steel haunted houses with viscera and puss, and luxuriating in an atmosphere of constant, chilly menace. Dead Space 3 arrives, then, in a cloud of suspicion [...]

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News:- Injustice: Gods Among Us Release Date Announced

Warner Brothers have today confirmed that their DC Comics fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us will be released in the UK on 19th April on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.

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News:- Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Jack The Ripper Trailer

Konami have sent over a brand new trailer for their upcoming hack and slash adventure game from Platinum Games Metal gear Rising Revengeance:

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Review:- DmC: Devil May Cry

Game: DmC: Devil May Cry Format: PS3, Xbox 360, PC Developer: Ninja Theory Publisher: Capcom When talking about Ninja Theory’s take on Devil May Cry it’s hard not to mention the hardcore fans’ reaction to its announcement. Featuring a younger Dante with short dark hair instead of flowing white locks, the initial reaction was… not [...]

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Mon, January 14 2013 » PC/Mac, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 4 Comments’s 2012 Game of the Year: THE WINNER!

From the massive selection of quality titles to be released across all platforms a small handful of newbs narrowed down their list for game of the year candidates down to a selection of three titles, Spec Ops The Line, The Walking Dead and Journey. Now the final votes have been cast and the time has [...]

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