Quick Look:- Anarchy Reigns: Bayonetta DLC

Made available as a free download for early adopters of Anarchy Reigns, the Bayonetta downloadable content adds Sega’s fighting witch to Anarchy Reigns’ fairly expansive character roster. While she is initially only available as a multiplayer character, upon completing the game Bayonetta becomes available to play as in the free play mode that allows players to tackle any of the story missions as any character they please.

Sega have announced that Anarchy Reigns will be available in the West some time early in 2013, however, judging from their recent poor performance of their retail business, and the relatively low sale figures in Japan, there is every chance that this game may not see the light of day. If you want to prevent this from happening we suggest that you get in touch with Sega, either by posting on their official forums, or leave a comment on this post, letting them know that you would buy this game.

If you’re still undecided, why not read our full review?

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  1. BTZ January 21 2013 @ 1:34 am

    I think the DLC Should be free regardless. Its not fair to those who couldn’t pre-order the game in the first place. If SEGA wants this game to deliver then they need to get off their high horses and do some real business tactics…like making Bayonetta free from the start. Look at Namco-Bandia Games: They made Tekken Tag 2 have free DLC’s.

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