The Event: Gamescom 2010 – Day 1

Today was a long day. Having to wake up at quarter to four in the morning and travel across London using a variation of night buses and tubes isn’t a barrel of laughs. But I guess it’s worth it considering EA are paying to take me out to Gamescom and cover some of the highest profile future releases.

I won’t bore you with the flight or my trepidations about strapping into a five tonne dart, using jet turbines to hurtle at ludicrous speeds towards your destination… but needless to say I made it. Arriving at Cologne Airport I met with my fellow reporters for EA and after a swift glass of Cola (I don’t drink Coffee and definitely needed the caffeine) we were on our way to the hotel.

Picture of the rest of the team

The rest of the team....from left to right - Emily, Diane & Mike

I’ve stayed in nice hotels before, but this is something else. The concierge greeted us first in German, then in English after seeing the puzzled looks on our faces, and took our bags from the car to the check-in desk. Our handler, Dan (I call him this only because he was my handler at the Warden’s Quest event for the launch of Dragon Age: Origins), was there to meet us and check us in. After a speedy change of t-shirt, we were off to the Conference centre for a double dose of pandemonium as a few thousand journalists fight to secure the best interviews.

My first interview, with a developer from the upcoming Dark Spore, perhaps wasn’t my greatest; blame it on the lack of sleep and the fact that I’ve never done what you would call “professional journalism”, but luckily Dan was on hand to help us through with some decent open-ended questions to get the conversation flowing.

picture of Need for Speed car

Also managed to get some more time with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, expect an updated hands-on soon

After that the day was a whirlwind of developer interviews and hands-on previews, all fitted into a few hours in the afternoon. Particular highlights include Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Dead Space 2, and Patrick Liu, Producer for Medal of Honor. You’ll be able to listen/read them in the coming days, BE EXCITED!

pictire of the guys from Linkin Park

Speaking of Medal of Honour, some of the guys from Linkin Park were there

By the time we left the conference centre, I’d been awake for 15 hours… and ready to drop. Not to be beaten by tiredness; I can sleep when I’m dead (which will probably be Sunday at this pace), it was back to the Hotel room to record a little segment for The Newb Review podcast. Note to self: make up more lies to trick the guys at The Newb Review when I talk to them tomorrow.

picture of some booth babes

The booth babes of GamesCom 2010 were looking hott

The day ended with a lovely meal and some much deserved celebratory beers, all kindly paid for by EA. I’m not sure if this happens everywhere in Cologne, but the waiters bring a fresh beer every time you get close to the bottom of your glass, without even asking. I’ll get back to you tomorrow after we check out a few more bars…

Tom out.

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  1. MSUHitman August 20 2010 @ 9:12 am

    Dragon Age 2 impressions please. :)

    Also if you get a free moment, even though it’s not EA, it would be cool to get some impressions of The 3rd Birthday (aka Parasite Eve 3) on the PSP from Square Enix.

  2. Crofterz August 20 2010 @ 10:14 am

    Dragon Age 2 impression in the pipeline so should be up soon. Also yes! 3rd Birthday, so intrigued by this game.

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