The Newb Review Episode 38

Tom is yet again away this week, but never fear! Ash once again takes the reigns of the podcast. Joining him is of course, Mr Adam Radcliffe, Ian Young and returning guest Simon. Together they take you through the latest news this week including all the fallout from the launch of Halo: Reach, as well [...]

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Tue, September 21 2010 » Podcasts » No Comments

Review: Limbo

Game: Limbo Format: Xbox Live Arcade Developer: PlayDead Studios Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios To paraphrase a recent conversation with our video editor Alan Parrish ‘When you look out your window and see a topless fat man you know that it is summer time’. As well as topless fat men, there is one other event that lets [...]

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Fri, July 23 2010 » PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 1 Comment

Review: Trials HD

Game: Trials HD Format: XBox 360 Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Microsoft Hello, Crofterz here again with another installment to the series of reviews on the “Summer of Arcade” titles. And before I start let me just say that “Trials HD” isn’t a game that everyone will love, not by a long shot. In fact if you [...]

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Tue, October 27 2009 » Reviews, Xbox 360 » 2 Comments