Xi: Continuum announcement trailer

Indie developer nDreams today announced the sequel to their 2009 alternate reality game Xi, a game that lasted 12 weeks and crossed over into the real world, with players having to head to online videos, websites and even real life events to succeed. newbreview.com was just in its infancy when the original Xi game ran, [...]

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Video:- A Guided Tour of nDreams’ Aurora

Readers that have been keeping up with the site will know that we were recently given the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of nDreams’ PlayStation Home space Aurora. Now, some of you may be asking yourselves why we agreed to take part, after all, Home is nothing more than a digital frat house, [...]

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A Home From Home: nDreams’ Aurora

When Sony unleashed PlayStation Home on the world in late 2008 they hoped it would change the gaming landscape. However, despite Sony’s goals, it seems to have struggled to pick up an audience. For the uninitiated (and we wouldn’t scold you for not knowing anything about it), Home is a free to play virtual space in which players take [...]

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