EA Sports Active 2′s 9 Week Programme: Week 3

Stupidly, to supplement week three of EA Sports Active 2’s 9 week programme, I decided to go to the gym with my buddy from basketball. This wasn’t just a standard workout – oh no – this 45 minute ordeal saw me flipping huge tractor tires, pulling and pushing a weighted sled and what the gym [...]

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Fri, March 11 2011 » Articles » 2 Comments

EA Sports Active 2′s 9 Week Programme: Week 2

So it seems inertia is my biggest obstacle to exercise. As I mentioned in the first part of this journey, I play basketball on Wednesdays. That’s easy for me; my friend picks me up and drops me off afterwards. But when I have to motivate myself to exercise, I face a much bigger challenge. The [...]

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Fri, February 25 2011 » Articles » 1 Comment

EA Sports Active 2′s 9 Week Programme: Week 1

Having an Achilles injury and severe asthma, set off by the very sight of dust let alone the notion of aerobics, makes it very difficult to exercise effectively. Unfortunately I don’t have either of these ailments to excuse the lethargic, fat mess I’ve become. It’s with relief then that EA Sports Active 2 has arrived. [...]

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Wed, February 16 2011 » Articles » 7 Comments

Win! A Shedload* of Dead Space 2 Goodies

*Referenced shed approximately the size of a shoebox. In celebration of the launch of Dead Space 2 and thanks to the good people at Electronic Arts, we are giving you the chance to win a bunch of swag comprising of: Dead Space ‘Martyr’ novel, signed by author Brian Evenson Dead Space Graphic Novel, signed by [...]

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Tue, February 1 2011 » Competitions » 28 Comments

NEWbreview Podcast Episode 9

This week our regular band of misfits, Tom, Adam and Kieran, are joined by site writer and twitter superstar Mr Campfire Burning. With Campfire bringing some much needed knowledge of gaming, the guys run down the top releases of the week, Adam updates us on his attempts to woo the ladies and we talk a [...]

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Mon, January 31 2011 » Podcasts » 12 Comments