Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Trailer

With no seeming end in sight to how many cool and varied characters Capcom are prepared to try and squeeze into Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 it seems only appropriate that the next scheduled release is to be prepended with “Ultimate”! In the diary for November 15th, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is set to feature [...]

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Wed, July 20 2011 » Gaming News, Videos » 1 Comment

Metro: Last Light Gameplay Vid Debut

If you’ve ever wanted to be marooned in Moscow’s Underground system following an apocalypse that has created seemingly endless numbers of powerful mutants and chronic food, water and resource shortages then you’ve likely played Metro 2033 (or bloomin’ well should!), the original release and prequel to Metro: Last Light, which is due to release March [...]

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Thu, July 14 2011 » Gaming News » No Comments

Cross-game chat for Vita but not PS3

Sony have confirmed that cross-game talk is coming to their new portable gaming system, Vita, when it launches is December this year. However they’ve also confirmed that nothing is planned regarding cross-talk for the PS3. We can only hope that feedback from Vita will encourage Sony to fix this flaw with the PS3 and bring [...]

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Sun, June 12 2011 » Gaming News » No Comments

Zavvi Mega Monday video game deals

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Mon, June 6 2011 » Gaming News » 2 Comments

PlayStation Store Back Up

The PlayStation Store is back up today, but there’s not sign yet of any of the promised free games, apparently they are “still in testing”… erm… for what… to see if they remain free? It’s a funny old world! All games due to have launched during the considerable downtime are now available, providing those who [...]

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Thu, June 2 2011 » Gaming News » No Comments