The Elder Scrolls Online Screens

Hot off the recent announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online Bethesda have released the first batch of screenshots: As of writing we don’t know an awful lot about this game, but why not head over to our Elder Scrolls Online Resource Page where we’re making a log of all of the confirmed details as and [...]

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The Elder Scrolls Online MMO – What We Know So Far

LAST UPDATED: Saturday 19th of May 2012. So, we’re quite excited about the development of this little title, one to which we are bound to loose a frighteningly large number of hours… so, mainly to satisfy our own interest, and in “our” we include you, we’ve put together this page as a repository of all [...]

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Skyrim Sequel to be Elder Scrolls MMO

And so we have it, the next Elder Scrolls is going to be an MMO. Well, we certainly have a lot of ideas about where it could go and what sort of features it could / should include in our “Skyrim Sequel Speculation” piece, but as for further details all we really know is that [...]

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