E3 2012: The Best And The Worst

For all intents and purposes, now that every major platform holder has shown what they have on offer, E3 2012 has come to and end. With all of the press conferences and major announcements out of the way we’ve had the time to sit down and take in what we have been shown. Three of [...]

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Top Five Fantasy Kickstarter Projects

The Internet, it’s a marvellous invention isn’t it? Aside from changing the way we play games, it’s also revolutionised the way we buy them. Like it or not, the sheer convenience and ease of use is continually displacing high street retail (just ask ANY games retailer) until retail will cease to exist, at least in [...]

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Top Five Hardest Bosses in Gaming…..EVER!

‘Boss’ may be becoming an archaic term nowadays, but we all remember that one foe; that solid brick wall of an enemy, that reduced you to a jittery mess of rage. The boss that made you want to fling your pad into your expensive TV as hard as you could, and cuss at children without [...]

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