Heroes of Ruin Waltkthrough Video

Square Enix have released a brand new walkthrough video for their upcoming 3DS RPG Heroes of Ruin. Full details can be found below: Join Tim Schwalk, producer on Heroes of Ruin at developer n-Space, as he takes you on a journey through the Soul Void with his personal favourite charcater class, the Alchitect. One of [...]

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Epic Mickey 3DS Screenshots

Disney have released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming sequel to Epic Mikey on the 3DS. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion has been billed as a spiritual successor to the classic Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion from the 1990s. The game will also apparently “a special drawing and painting function that allows players [...]

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Screenshots

Square Enix have sent over a new batch of screenshots from their upcoming 3DS Disney crossover RPG Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance). These screenshots are taken from the game’s introduction movie, which was created especially by Square Enix’s world leading Visual Works studio in Japan. Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) is due to [...]

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iRate:- Region Locking

Since Mass Effect 3 is still taking much of my already depleted available time for games, I don’t have anything on hand to review, so what better time to share with you an issue that has been troubling me for a while now. Today we’re going to talk region-locking and artificial product boundaries. Before getting [...]

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Theatrhythm Europe Bound!

Square Enix have confirmed that their Final Fantasy 3Ds rhythm-based role playing game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be released in Europe this summer! Previously thought to be a Japanese exclusive, Theatrhythm was released in the east in February 2012 to solid sales and good reviews. The game will feature a number of memorable tracks from [...]

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