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Team 17
Team 17

It’s bedtime so you’re getting ready for yet another hyper-sleep, but despite the vast emptiness of space you have the unfortunate luck to exit warp drive right in front of an inconveniently parked ghost ship. Even more unfortunately, said ghost ship just so happens to be a sex cauldron for the Alien Breed, a very angry race of aliens who are kind of pissed that you’ve rammed a gigantic space ship shaped hole into the side of their lodgings, and want nothing more than to see you evicted or eaten.

Whilst the graphics have been given a total makeover, ABE remains true to its predecessor by keeping the core gameplay unchanged. It’s a top-down, isometric shooter and it’s still scary as hell (at least for a wimp like me).

As Theodore J. Conrad, the chief engineer aboard the good ship Leopold, its your sole duty to save every last human cretin smart enough to still be alive and eliminate the alien breed who have decided to crash your party without a Facebook invite.

Of course like any other survival horror game, generators need to be powered up, keys need to be found and endless waves of grotesque creatures must be eradicated using an assortment of weapons, including a laser rifle and the ever popular shotgun.

Theodore J. Conrad

Move over Isaac! There's a new space engineer

You would be forgiven for thinking that ABE is just like your bog standard Sci-fi horror game, with obvious comparisons to games like Dead Space. After all, both Theo and Isaac are trained in the art of kick-assary as well as being experts in the field of orienteering.

But even though it is your typical sci-fi horror, it’s a really good example of how a survival horror game should be made. It might seem like you are constantly back tracking and retracing your steps, but it never gets old. If you have the patience to stick with it the story will continually reward you for carrying out such tasks, despite how monotonous they may be. ABE persistently advances, keeping you sucked into the game like a hoover to a teenage boy’s genitals.

The use of visuals and sound are incredibly atmospheric and always keep within the game’s context. This means that whether you’re fighting off waves of face-huggers or trailing dark hallways in search of extra ammo, you are always accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

The voice acting is brilliantly believable and the game attempts to stand out from the crowd by rewarding the player with unique, graphic novel inspired cutscenes after finishing a level with all limbs intact.

ABE's Visuals

One of the better looking titles on the Xbox Live Arcade.

ABE, comes packed with five single player levels and three co-op multiplayer levels, added together with the fact that, at times, the game can be incredibly hard, and you have yourself a lot of bang for your buck. Whilst the game is not entirely original, at 800 Microsoft points you still get a chilling and compelling single player experience, as well as a fun multiplayer shooter.
Alien Breed Evolution Co-op

Suffer together in Alien Breed Evolutions new co-op mode.

Alien Breed Evolution is the first episodic adventure in the Alien Breed series, with the promise of more gruesome space odysseys on the horizon. The next episode; Alien Breed 2: Assault, has been announced recently, so perhaps it’s time to don your exo-suit, download ABE and get filled in with all the back story before episode 2 arrives.

- Adam Radcliffe

Review Round-Up

Graphics: 4/5 Nothing revolutionary but they provide a perfect setting for this rejuvenated franchise.

Sound: 4.5/5 Deeply atmospheric, wonderfully sci-fi and almost can’t be faulted.

Gameplay: 3.5/5 A little repetitive and nothing new, but enjoyable and solid nonetheless.

Longevity: 3/5 A nice introduction to a resurrected series. At times frustratingly hard, but with the added bonus of multiplayer, it’s well worth the 800 MSP price point.

Overall: 4 disgusting, stench ridden, maggot infested, flatulent, butt ugly alien corpses out of 5.

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  1. Crofterz June 19 2010 @ 9:22 am

    Tried the demo…didn’t think much of it…but i’m so tempted to buy this.

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