Worms Revolution Gets Classes

Team17 have announced that their upcoming game Worms Revolution will feature a class system for the first time. This addition introduces four different classes, Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy, into the game. Players will eventually be able to unlock a total of 16 worms (4 of each class) to choose from to go into their [...]

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Worms Ultimate Mayhem DLC Detailed

Team 17 have released a brand new downloadable single player challenge pack for their PSN game Worms Ultimate Mayhem. This new pack consists of brand new additions to the existing single-player challenge modes, with 8 new single-player challenges, as well as a new multi-player map and 6 new Trophies. The full content listing can be [...]

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Worms Revolution Announced

The lovely people at Team 17 have announced that they are making a brand new entry in their popular turn-based strategy series Worms. According to the press release Worms Revolution has “been developed from the ground up and features a completely new game-engine. Exciting new features and challenges have been introduced whilst old favourites such [...]

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Review: Alien Breed 3: Descent

Game: Alien Breed 3: Descent Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 Developer: Team17 Software Publisher: Team17 Software I think we will all agree when I say shooting aliens is fun; it’s one of the best ways to relieve tension, kill time and a good excuse to drink a few beers. But despite its appeal, inevitably it [...]

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Review: Alien Breed Evolution

It’s bedtime and you’re getting ready for yet another hyper-sleep, but despite the vast emptiness of space you still had the unfortunate luck to exit warp drive, right in front of an inconveniently parked ghost ship. Even more unfortunately, said ghost ship just so happens to be a sex cauldron for the Alien Breed, a very angry, race of aliens, who are kind of p*ssed off that you have rammed a gigantic space ship shaped hole into the side of their lodgings and want nothing more than to see you evicted or eaten.

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Fri, June 18 2010 » PC/Mac, PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 1 Comment