Why I Love:- Primeval Hunt

I don’t go to arcades that often. Truth be told they’re a rarity these days and, what with times being so tough, you can hardly justify shelling out some of your hard earned pennies for so few lives. But on the odd occasion that I do venture in I am determined to make the most [...]

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Thu, April 12 2012 » Why I Love... » 4 Comments

Why I Love… The End of Mass Effect 3 (SPOILERS)

Right, important stuff first, I’m always as clear as possible about spoilers so here goes; This piece contains spoilers for not only the end of Mass Effect 3, but also, particularly, for the end of Mass Effect 2. Please don’t continue reading if you are looking forward to discovering either for the first time in [...]

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Mon, March 26 2012 » Why I Love... » 19 Comments

Why I Love… Assassin’s Creed

Last week, I looked at why Final Fantasy really grinds my gears. This week, I’m going for a more positive spin and look at a series that I love. So grab your hidden blades and flip up your peaked hoods, because it’s time for a leap of faith into the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Let me [...]

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Why I Love… Insert Coin Clothing

Ah clothing. We all need it to stop from random acts of violence against everyday prudes in the street. I’m guessing if you’re reading this article, you can probably be placed within or pretty close to the ‘gamer’ pigeonhole, as well as that of the ‘clothed’ variety. It’s with a strange emotion that I feel [...]

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Thu, January 19 2012 » Articles, Why I Love... » 3 Comments

Tribute: Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

A tribute? To Steve Jobs? On a gaming community site? Erm, yes! Absolutely! And here’s why; Gaming owes it’s global transcendence to the leading form of media / entertainment worldwide to many things. But have no doubt that Steve Jobs’ role in this rise is no small part. When you combine his drive of the [...]

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