iRate:- MM-NO!

If I were to mention the ominous acronym ‘MMO’*, most will immediately recall the all conquering World of Warcraft (WoW). At the last count WoW had over 12 million active players. Computer games are, for many, a form of escapism. They are a place where gamers can go to step away from the rigours and stresses of the everyday and witness some pure enjoyment within the fantastical.

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Wed, February 10 2010 » Articles, iRate » 7 Comments

iRate:- Annoying Things Non-Gamers Say

We are generally a casual gamer friendly site over here at The Newb Review. However, one thing that really perturbs us is vexatious ‘non-gamers’ or ‘game-muggles’ assaulting us with their narrow minded, uneducated comments! But fret not fellow gaming enthusiasts, for we have compiled a library of witty and wholly appropriate come-backs or ‘truth-bombs’ to give [...]

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Fri, February 5 2010 » Articles, iRate » 6 Comments

iRate:- DLC Exclusivity and Me… A Hate/Hate relationship

Ah the joy of gaming… You finally sit down with the latest multiplatform release and let the gaming goodness wash over you, fully enjoying everything there is on offer. But hang on a second…There are bits missing aren’t there? It’s seems you can’t enjoy the same game as your rival console owners, not because of shoddy porting issues (we’ll save that for another iRate article), but because the developer has decided to sell off their reputation to the highest bidder and screw over around half of us gamers in the process. Oh well, at least they make a bit of extra cash…

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Thu, February 4 2010 » Articles, iRate » 8 Comments

iRate:- Wii never play it really!

Let me present you with a little list: a boxing bag, cast iron weights set, abdominal crunch machine and Nintendo Wii with Wii Fit. No, we’re not playing ‘The Generation Game’; I put it to you that this represents a fraction of the kit you have knocking around your house and garage that sits there, [...]

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Thu, September 24 2009 » Articles, iRate » 5 Comments

iRate:- Four reasons why online play sucks the joy out of gaming

Everyone loves a good online gaming session don’t they? Shouting “w00t!” at 4am as you pwn some noobs in some epic carnage on whatever shooter / driving simulation / arcade fighter happens to be your online preference at the time. This is indeed my first reason why online play is a bad thing: the little [...]

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Wed, September 9 2009 » Articles, iRate » 5 Comments