Video:- A Guided Tour of nDreams’ Aurora

Readers that have been keeping up with the site will know that we were recently given the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of nDreams’ PlayStation Home space Aurora. Now, some of you may be asking yourselves why we agreed to take part, after all, Home is nothing more than a digital frat house, right? Wrong.

We met with nDreams’ Digital Product Manager Joe Dale to produce a guided tour video of everything Aurora has to offer players, a warm cosmopolitan atmosphere, polite conversation and female avatars freely walking the space without being hassled. And for the more passionate gamers out there? Dozens of awards and avatar outfits and addictive free to play mini games. Check out our video, below, for all the details.

Aurora is available to download right now in PlayStation Home for the low low price of nothing. If you would like to learn more about Aurora or have any further questions you can get in touch with Joe Dale by adding nDreams_Joey on PlayStation 3, or, failing that, you can read our impressions article.

- Luke Mears

Thu, June 21 2012 » Articles, Videos

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