Retro Quick Look:- Spider-Man (PS1)

Ahead of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man in cinemas we thought we’d have a look back at some of our favourite Spider-Man games of days gone by. The first title to appear on all of our lists was Activision’s classic PlayStation title Spider-Man, developed by the Tony Hawk makers NeverSoft, as it featured stunning (for the time) open 3D environments and a gripping narrative, with full voice acting, revolving around someone impersonating Spider-Man to steal a dangerous experimental piece of hardware.

It’s hard to really sell this game these days but before this game came out the only Spider-Man games we had to play were mostly your basic platformers or generic brawlers (hello Maximum Carnage!). This game, with its high production values and smooth gameplay, made it feel like you were literally playing through an episode of the Spider-Man animated series and was the definitive Spider-Man game for quite some time.

Join Kieran, Luke, and Adam as they relive this classic Spider-Man adventure:

Activision still hold the Spider-Man license and are releasing a game to go along with the latest Spidey cinematic outing. It will be available from 29th June in the UK, while The Amazing Spider-Man will be in cinemas world wide from 3rd July 2012.

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