Podcast Episode 68: Making up the numbers

Joining Kieran and Adam this week (what with Tom being away again) is’s, and no stranger to the podcast, Joe Dale. Together the trio fly through what they’ve been up to, Kieran has some stuff to get off of his chest, there’s the return of ‘i’m no Michael Pachter but..’ and of course [...]

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Podcast:- Podcast Episode 46

Returning to the podcast alongside your host this week, Kieran Roycroft, is writer for and, Joe Dale. With Mr idiotface, Adam Radcliffe completing the 3 horsemen of the podcastolypse (trademarking that immediately after this podcast is up) Together they bring you what they’ve been up to and playing, a little bit of chatter [...]

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Sun, October 23 2011 » Competitions, Podcasts » No Comments Podcast Episode 42 – Eurogamer Expo 2011 Special!

Recorded live at the Eurogamer Expo 2011 regular host Tom Wallis is joined by’s managing editor, Luke Mears, and returning guest Joe Dale. Topics discussed include: the games they played (including Batman Arkham City, Modern Warfare 3, and Final Fantasy XIII-2), the Playstation Vita, and OnLive’s UK Launch. MP3 Download / iTunes / RSS [...]

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Sat, September 24 2011 » Podcasts » No Comments Podcast Episode 40

Tom and Kieran are joined by special guest Joe Dale to discuss the incredibly important topic of Zombie Games – following the release of Dead Island have we finally had enough of them? We also have our regular 60 second review and Adam Thinks features, as well as a bit of banter about what we’ve [...]

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