Sequel Speculation:- The Elder Scrolls 6: Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind & Beyond

“So, Skyrim was quite good, weren’t it?” has opened a fair few gaming discussions I’ve had recently. Two common themes I see, almost inevitably, following on from this, at some point in the discussion, are; “I preferred Oblivion / Morrowind…” and / or… “What do you think will be in The Elder Scrolls 6?”

(NOTE: We’ve now obviously had The Elder Scrolls Online confirmed so we’re linking this page up with our “The Elder Scrolls Online MMO… What We Know So Far” page, which you may also be interested in! ;-) )

Well, following much debate with many a fellow fan, I’ve decided I should assemble all the thoughts we’ve come up with in regard to any such sequel into one article for the enjoyment, flaming and derision of fellow “Elder Scrollsites”. Obviously what follows is not only highly speculative, but also contains lots of personal opinions, concepts and theories which are likely never to have any connection to any Elder Scrolls games whatsoever! You have been warned. ;-)

The Elder Scrolls 6 - Sequel Speculation - Dragon

Beware! For there be dragons in this here... erm... fantastical fiction?

Bethesda have a long history of really delivering when it comes to truly open world RPG. They also have a track record of not quite delivering to their full potential in similar fields. For every Fallout 3 & Skyrim there is a RAGE & Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. (NOTE: I actually quite liked RAGE for what it was… a very linear shooter with fun mini-games).

But, credit where credit is due, over the last decade Bethesda have unfailingly delivered quality in the open world RPG field (Although we might want to avoid looking too hard at New Vegas). Furthermore, having “Elder Scrolls” on the box has, so far, guaranteed pure gaming quality.

But what now, where now? How can you top a game as good as Skyrim? Well, let’s remember that Bethesda have done this twice this millenia, improving on both the exceptional Morrowind and then on the really very good Oblivion.

If you chart the evolution of the “modern” Elder Scrolls games on the current gaming platforms you can see that we get a new Elder Scrolls installment delivered roughly every 4 to 5 years.  This, even before we start thinking about features and feel, puts the next Elder Scrolls game into the next generation of gaming hardware. By 2015 we will have new consoles from at least Sony & Microsoft, with the prospect of Nintendo joining them with a Wii U successor increasingly likely. This obviously has a huge impact on what will be possible for Bethesda to include in The Elder Scrolls 6. (For more musings on the future of gaming technology, check out our dedicated analysis on that very topic coming soon!)

The Elder Scrolls 6 - Sequel Speculation - Oblivion

What? This doesn't look so bad considering it was advertised as "Oblivion"!

So “The Elder Scrolls 6: Skirrovion” is going to be an even bigger beast of a game than it’s pre-decessors, with more of everything available to power it on the shiny new hardware.

How will this change the experience? What can we expect to gain as gamers?


In addition to the obvious graphical improvements we can be fairly certain that we will also be seeing changes in control schema. For instance we can expect to be dancing round our collective living rooms, twirling our huge virtual weaponry to satisfying effect as we shout instructions to our merry band of misfit NPC followers… expect plenty of motion control and copious amounts of speech recognition to be the primary additions to your trusty wireless controller…


So what will we be able to do with all this additional control we have over our role in The Elder Scrolls game world? Well, beyond simply inhabiting a bigger game world, with more of… well… basically everything… There are some perhaps less obvious benefits of ongoing technological improvements in this domain. The Elder Scrolls 6 would be exactly the kind of game that could benefit hugely from full speech synthesis;

Morrowind; 2-3 actors voicing a few hundred lines of dialog.
Oblivion; 14 voice actors voicing over 37,000 lines of dialog.
Skyrim; 70 voice actors voicing over 60,000 lines of dialog.
Elder Scrolls 6; 100+ voice actors voicing over 100,000 lines of dialog?

How much easier would it be if Bethesda’s writers could just write the dialog and have the game generate the speech / audio for this on the fly. The huge cost of pre-recording, editing and packaging evey line of dialog and the massive limits this puts on a game’s development could be hugely reduced, we are on the threashold of this approach providing sufficient realism to work practically in a game world.

The Elder Scrolls 6 - Sequel Speculation - House

Lydia's sister Tracy loved to go on and on about her beautiful house... sigh...

AI, Movement and Grouping

Progress in the AI field continues a apace and The Elder Scrolls 6 will be well able to take great advantage of this. Everything from combat to pathing to tactics, and who knows, even dialog could benefit! In The Elder Scrolls universe we can expect to see far more sophisticated strategy employed by opponents, with flanking, cover and “mobbing” far more frequent and effective. It’s is rare in Skyrim that you are attacked on mass, or ambushed, expect far more of this as now possibilities emerge in the AI & group behaviour fields.

Additionally computational power will allow for true freedom of movement, with greatly improved “camera” reaction to this. scrambling up and down slopes will look and feel far more realistic, and I still believe proper climbing would hugely benefit the Elder Scrolls experience.

Increased party size is another big possibility. With the surplus computing power we could see Bethesda go down the BioWare path of increasing the number of characters you can actively manage live. But this will not simply add to your fire power, it will also enable much larger and more complex encounters. No longer limited to only supporting 2 characters on your “team” we could see the 4 or 5 members of your team defending an area from perhaps 40 or 50 foes, imagine the excitement, as you yell out commands to them and content with the improved enemy AI!

“Radiant AI” will be improved and will support far more complex and flexible “decisions” about the game world. Better understanding of where you have and have not been, smoother movement of quest characters within new, current and future quests, better integration with the increased complexity of NPC emotional life and faction based factors, etc.


In the wider game world of Elder Scrolls 6 these improvements will also lead to far more dynamic “faction” based changes to the political landscape. Expect to be both loved and loathed by different peoples but also that outposts, villages and towns will change hands as rival factions fight it out. But most importantly expect to have a more realistic & subtle impact on this; forge treaties, make alliances and establish preferential trade with each group separately, the opportunity for intrigue and deception is huge.

A bigger role. Your effect on the game-world will be stepped up. Expect to make tough decisions about the band / outpost / village / town / kingdom you are responsible for. With each bigger responsibility built on what you learnt from the one before.

Ultimately you will need to decide if you will “manage” a kingdom as it’s ruler, champion a kingdom as it’s… well… champion, or give it all up for a humble family life in an estate you must care for and with a family you must nurture and defend.

The Elder Scrolls 6 - Sequel Speculation - Sneak

Careful if you decide to sneak up on a horse, both hooves and... other stuff... can prove uninviting...

Relationships and Characters

Deeper customisation is bound to feature and I expect to see this extend to your companions. An optional feature to tailor and manage your companion’s skills, load-outs and tactics (which can optionally be set to “auto-evolve”) only adds to your investment in them, but again, this will not be all about making your life easier. Expect to have to manage your new found band’s wants and needs and balance them against your own.

Relationships with characters will hold more meaning and be far more important. They will not simply follow you around, but rather engage in ongoing debate about your actions and make decisions about their involvement with you in the short, medium and long term. I can definitely see you starting as a member of someone else’s band, following them around and at some stage deciding to split form them, perhaps taking some hard won friends with you when you go. It will no longer be a simple case of “picking” who you would like to befriend or romance, they will also have to “pick” you. How far will you go to win someone’s favour / love?

Know your weakness. In almost every game you are the “ultimate weapon” for any task which needs completing. In The Elder Scrolls 6 you will need to understand and use the strengths and weaknesses of companions, factions, races and classes. It may be that a task that needs completing is best assigned to a group of companions which does not include you. Do you dispatch them and wait for their return? Or do you take control of one of them for the duration of the task? Will you have a choice? Bethesda it’s over to you!

Environment and Fauna

Environmental impact will be more obvious and impactful. You will have the opportunity to do things like break dams to flood areas and drain others. Build bridges and temporary / permanent structures. Improvise defenses and use things like fire more pro-actively. Place traps and push boulders, destroy walls and who knows maybe even “undermine” (in the original sense of the word) opposing defenses… in a tribute to the game that has inspired these approaches! (Go Notch!)

Animal interaction will be more integrated. From pets to mounts you will be able to tame and provoke animals to great effect. A trusty war dog yes, but a bear as a steed? A friendly troll bodyguard? And of course my much beloved dragon riding. My personal favourite here would be the ability to imbue animals with higher intelligence so they can function as a party member. Will this happen? It’s certainly technically possible…


In a continued move towards more MMO like crafting approaches, and based on the success of other games in this regard, we can expect an increase in crafting options. Expect the ability to break items & equipment down into constituent parts and, in addition to “enchanting” and “sharpening”, more complex recipe like functionality for a wider range of consumables and equipment. Looking at the ability to create a “Blessed Flaming Ebony Sword of Swiftness”, etc. To further enrich this we could see a move towards item specific experience / “leveling” leading to something like a “Venerable Deadly Blessed Flaming Ebony Sword of Swiftness”… luckily we can also very much expect to retain the ability to rename all equipment and armour!

The Elder Scrolls 6 - Sequel Speculation - Combat

Oi! You! Wanna fight?! I'll mace ya from here to... (wait)... Oblivion!

Combat and Magic

Combat will be moved on to the next level. Beyond the huge progress being made game to game already in this regard there exists the possibility for a step change here. The concept that you can be a master with a one handed sword but an idiot with a two handed one just makes no sense. Expect skills and abilities to be more closely and subtly intertwined. But with the new more varied behaviour of opponent’s AI you’ll need it. Not only that but expect “per item” skill progression as you “learn” each individual weapon. Did people swap weapons at will or keep their trusted blade in times gone by? Of course they kept their favourite weapon and became all the more adept with it. Yes they can use other weapons, but it’s never quite the same. The balance between “your weapon” and all others will be tweaked. Add to this motion control options and things get really exciting. defense and attack can be clearly communicated in so many ways the only limit is the flexibility of the combat engine, which will, of course, be improved significantly.

Magic will also see a revamp. Here is the single largest opportunity to do something really special with motion control. No more “A+B+X+Y+A+A” to freeze your opponent. In The Elder Scrolls 6 you can expect to get them in your sights and then blow on them strongly… or perhaps stamp on the ground to cause an earthquake, or push strongly towards them to knock them back with a gust of wind… and breathing fire? Well, expect that to be by intuitively breathing fire! The possibilities here are endless and allow for a massively improved sense of cause and effect. You will “feel” like you really are deploying your skills all the more directly.


Of course this is only a tiny flavour of what we might be seeing in The Elder Scrolls 6, some of the possible ways Bethesda could go, so what would you like to see? What have you been longing to do in the world of The Elder Scrolls?

- Richard “Rax” Burley

Wed, February 8 2012 » Opinion Pieces

58 Responses

  1. Mightyles February 8 2012 @ 6:45 pm

    I’d like to see co-op as an optional extra. The amount of times I’ve come across some overly aggressive giants in Skyrim and wished I had (capable) help… Urgh.

  2. Nik February 9 2012 @ 4:11 pm

    Why not go back to the land of origin, Atmora? Tamriel has been completely covered now. The land can either be presented as it was long before Tamriel was discovered, or it can take place years after the dragons returned to Skyrim. So many scenarios can take place in which Nirn can only be saved by the most ancient magics of man or beast, by exploring ancient places of power and interacting with the surviving native inhabitants of the land. Atmora is similar, maybe a little larger, in size to Skyrim so it can easily be rendered with equal or better graphics. I’d also recommend a more extensive use of the Elder Scrolls in the main story line and the option to use the scrolls as you wish. So many possibilities with this ancient land.

  3. Rax February 9 2012 @ 5:58 pm

    Would love to see this Nik, great suggestion… Atmora is definitely an untapped source of great content! I think I’ll consider doing a “Plot” based piece of “Sequel Speculation” rather than purely a mechanics / functionality one like this one…

  4. Cody February 10 2012 @ 3:24 am

    I have played both Oblivion and Skyrim. I did beat Skyrim and I loved the game a lot and was amazed that it didn’t end and you could keep going and discovering as well as a continueing of leveling up. I would like to see a very realistic like your watching a movie graphics. Co-op would be nice to have and you could do it with them in your living room by split screen or by xbox live. I liked all the ideas above and on the contrary I would like to see if when you married to a man/women that you could actually have children with them. I don’t want to see sexual activity or anything like that but have an option to lay down to sleep and the game would decide if the female got pregnant or not and the money that you made throughout the game actually helped support your family on wheather they starved or not. Also, have the ability to train your kids in combat yourself and make drastic descisions based on what happened in the surounding enviroment.

  5. Rax February 10 2012 @ 10:42 am

    Awesome ideas… I don’t think any game has yet nailed the “Family” dynamic, but you do make an excellent argument for how it could be approached, specially the “train your kids” thing, that could be really cool. Hope Bethesda are listening! I love all types of co-op, but still think it’s unlikely (but not impossible!). If it does happen I’m guessing it will be “another player replaces your companion” type approach, for which split screen would be epic. You’ll definitely get your wish for much improved graphics which I also looking forward to!

  6. Mightyles February 11 2012 @ 1:45 am

    Those interested in the possibility of kinect Shouts should try Haunt. One of the power ups you unlock is the ability to yell damaging spells at enemies. Invariably I found myself bellowing obscenities at the attacking ghosts, but it was really cool to hear (and see) the power of speech.

  7. Rax February 11 2012 @ 2:42 pm

    Over the length of a game as long as ES6 will be this is going to be hilarious for anyone else who happens to live with you!

  8. alvare February 13 2012 @ 10:39 pm

    I think Bethesda needs to start looking at Rockstar a little more. I want to do stuff, I don’t care what as long as it is FUN. Picking up ingredients and making potions was never fun; it could be engaging and immersive but it’s not jumping of a plane and falling on a garden pool. It needs more people and variety, more things to ride, more weapons, more mini-games, more (a LOT more) magic, more things for god’s sake! I still can’t believe that you can’t play one of those guitar-like instruments NPCs play in TES games, or that there is no magic to float people around or steal their clothes or give them orders. Yeah, GTA games have vehicles which are more than half the fun, but TES games have freaking magic! There are mods for all this stuff yeah I know, but it’s not the same.

    I want to set a house on fire after blocking the exits. I want to ride a dragoon. I want to summon a crazy giant in the middle of a congress meeting. I want to save a family from being killed by a gang of werewolves. I want to fight an underwater city of monsters by calling the fish to help me. I want to fight the Emperor’s Army with my giant quake-producing flaming-hammer.

    I just hope Bethesda realizes they are missing a lot of stuff. I personally preferred Morrowind’s lack of voice over the crappy voice acting Oblivion and Skyrim have, I don’t listen to it anyway since I’m reading many times faster. And I’m not even talking about next-gen stuff, all this could be made in the existing hardware.

  9. Kurama February 14 2012 @ 4:30 am

    I think that in Elder Scrolls 6 the Falmer are going to declare war on the surface world, and the main plot line will be that the protagonist will have to find where the Dwemer disappeared to that they can help the surface dwellers. There were alot of hints in Skyrim about the Falmer, like Enthir talking about how their raids have become more frequent and organized, and there’s the book in his room where the author says that he fears the Falmer will come to reclaim the surface.

  10. Rax February 16 2012 @ 11:47 am

    I agree with pretty much everything you say! I particularly like a good mini-game so bringing ones in like those in The Witcher 2 would be awesome. More variety would always be welcome, and better interaction with the environment would be great fun, they should consider a LOTRO type music system which is epic… I can also visualise every scenario you mention and would defo second them all! ;-)
    Let’s just hope Bethesda are listening…

  11. Rax February 16 2012 @ 12:01 pm

    – Awesome! I can definately see myself defending the surface from the Falmer and then working my way down into a huge & nightmarish Flamer cave city and finally to a central Falmer heart deep in the bowels of the earth to do battle with their ultimate leader; it would be claustophobic, atmospheric and a fantastic tool to stop players just running away… very tense… bang in a couple of “escape” shafts to allow returns to town / home at key points and you’ve got a compelling story / model! “Bethesda do Ultima Underword” anyone? Yes please!

  12. Aiman February 22 2012 @ 4:19 pm

    first…i hate draughs,aka UNDEAD!few are awesome but most in the game?!!…fighting the same ‘hanging skeletons’ with horned helms do get boring from time to time…they should name it ‘Graveyard’ rather than skyrim(no hard feelings though),i suggest that there should be more interesting hostiles such as giant octopus or sharks or crocodiles at the river and the sea?or mutants,alien-like creatures in the dungeons?or even adding up the devils and angels with cool suits and armors?but the other npcs such as orcs,vamps…etc should also stay for they are unique and cool!
    Second,is the transportation,please add up more transport (other than horses,carriages and hopefully dragons) such as boats,ships etc for it shall be more massive world than elder scrolls 5 (i suppose…).
    Finally is the tech of game storyline…come on! hundred of years had passed since the first elder scrolls to the fifth!make new advanced weapons tech of the ancients(hope u know what i meant… ‘-_- ) such as changing the bow to bowguns,or greatswords to knights’ spears,or even bottle of poisons into bombs/grenades that release poisons upon exploding,and well,there is also smokebomb…etc(u got what i mean…)…one more,the co-op thingy, both split-screen and live…is a MUST!

  13. Rax February 22 2012 @ 9:56 pm

    Agree with almost everything you say… I would personally pay some serious money just to battle an giant octopus, I’m thinking something like The Watcher in the Water from Lord of the Rings… I’d also love to both use and see other forms of transport, something like seeing a carriage with multiple people in it moving past me on the road, or maybe a line of horse riders. More weapons is always good and the steampunk angle is a nice one. I love co-op so you’ve definately got me there too! Great suggestions… Bethesda? You listening? ;-)

  14. brendonhands February 24 2012 @ 12:11 am

    I want to see far more weapons. And they don’t all have to have their own set of stats, there could be like classes. Why is it that all steel swords look the same? Just because they are made of steel doesnt mean they are the same. Why not say keep the same “classes” of weapons (iron,steel,etc) but instead have several different skins for each class. For example you would have an ebony sword that looks like a steel sword and another ebony sword that looks like a glass sword. This also opens up the possibility of collecting sets of weapons. The same goes for armor. And also, i should be able to wear enchanted clothing under my armor. And cut my charactors hair, and get him tatoos. Also, why does each arrow class have to have its own quiver? why not have several kinds of quivers for the charactor to loot or buy. Also, fletching, arrow enchanting, maybe even quiver enchanting, so every arrow you put in it gets an enchantment. Also to anyone still reading…thank you lol i think most people have given up by now lol but i would really really love to see these things in the game. lol

  15. Nathan McLain February 27 2012 @ 11:23 pm

    I am only 11, ok. Im not into that dungeons and dragons crap…AT ALL! BUT THIS GAME IS FREAKING AWSOME!!!! i would just like to see maybe a more variety of dialouge. I think the graphics are fine, but i do agree with cody having ur son as a compainion FREAKING AWSOME TOO!! but id like the compainions to be faster kinda like in fallout new vegas. because, i have to walk if i have a compainion because they dont pay attention and get left behind. i would also LOVE to see the compainions being unkillable. That all

  16. Tyson March 2 2012 @ 7:03 am

    I’d like to see valenwood elsywer summersetisles blackmarsh or even the sea elves then after we cover all of “modern nirun” we can do prequels with dwemer snow elves alyieds ect. Maybe even the divines!

  17. Rax March 2 2012 @ 5:01 pm

    OK, someone knows their Elder Scrolls! I’d second all that, maybe we could have some sort of “flashback” mechaninc to allow players to drop in & out of the prequel / earlier history stuff? Or are we asking for too much? ;-)

  18. Alex March 3 2012 @ 8:33 pm

    Tbh everything you said you wanted has already been made as pc mods, bethedsa obviously only make the elder scrolls on console for financial purposes because their all cleary better on pc in every single way. In my opinion, no game of bethedsa’s has ever topped Morrowind because it just had the sikkest atmosphere and hand crafted depth out of any game iv played really — back when the Elder Scrolls was not known by everyone in the damn world lol. As for the next location, i would like to say Elsweyr on Valenwood since neither desert or jungle has been covered truely in previous games :) .

  19. Rax March 4 2012 @ 9:54 am

    Agreed about the mods. Hopefully they will take note of which ones are / will be popular and incorporate these changes into ES6. I have to say I agree concerning Morrowind. Oblivion was great, but somehow it never quite grabbed me like Morrowind did… good times!

  20. dude March 8 2012 @ 9:04 pm

    skyrim’s pretty great. i love non-linear games, oh boy do i ever, and you guys have some good ideas.

    here’s a few things i would like to see or that might be interesting:
    -more wildlife & animals
    - perhaps later in game you could be able to own multiple properties/buy stores and get an income from them/or perhaps lose money sometimes – and there could be missions and troubles involved in that too, such as people intimidating your workers or other businesses/people not liking it for political reasons or what have you
    -should be more consequences of actions; in skyrim it sort of felt like you could “choose” a lot of things, and it wouldnt really effect the overall gameplay
    -should be able to build certain things, like put up a tent, or make a little lean-to to sleep in, make a place to go back to and store stuff… build a chest to store stuff, buy and add a lock on it…(otherwise bandits may steal from it while youre gone) – and you might wake up with bandits trying to attack you, or wolves if youre in a more dangerous place
    -maybe a “relationship status bar” that improves or wanes depending on your actions/what you say to people, ie more character development and relationship building
    -more items, more unique items
    -maybe upgrade vampire/werewolf skills like speech or lockpicking
    -maybe “nature” perks/skills, like being better at climbing (mountains and trees), better at wildlife (like bears, foxes, wolves, rabbits etc) not being able to detect you or care that youre there, when harvesting plants you get extra, finding more plants to harvest, being able to regenerate in forests or something, ability to “commune” with nature, make animals do stuff for you or something
    -should be able to climb mountains, trees
    -more interaction with world; you can cut down trees, dig holes, chop wood, sell wood, fish, be able to be a bartender, play music, get money for playing music, drink with people, smoke with people
    -more wildlife and animals
    -more people
    -plot idea: crazy war has ravaged land, you and refugees flee tamriel and emmigrate in a boat, so at first you are interacting with other refugees in this boat until you get to the new land, where you all land and you(alone) get to explore a new crazy awesome big world with lots of forests, mountains, desert, jungle, scenery, towns, etc, new creatures, new races… it would be interesting to see how the other people who have landed with you interact and start new lives seperately from you as well, how they are getting along in the city they landed at, how the people who already lived there view them, and you might see them later in other places in the new world as well in your travels.
    -maybe get to choose where you will start in the game [to use plot example of immigration you could choose to be coming from tamriel, or being one of the people who already lives in the new world (not belonging to a guild yet), or another person who lives in the new world but in a different place (maybe then you would already start in a particular guild)] this would make it perhaps more interesting and even more non-linear and more playable and interesting to play a second or third time or what have you
    -flying spell sometime? maybe there is a spell (that takes a lot of magic) that you can transform into a flying animal for a while, or one where you can just fly as yourself, or fly a dragon somewhere along your travels
    -and of course bigger! bigger, bigger, bigger

  21. Rax March 13 2012 @ 1:09 pm

    Wow, definately another candidate for Bethesda’s concept team! :-) Loving the ideas, specially; the relationship bar, playing music, proper climbing, and the ability to build simple (and / or complex?) stuff like shelters etc… I’d be very happy to pay extra for any of these in the next Elder Scrolls! ;-)

  22. Christian March 23 2012 @ 7:33 am

    I would like to see a dialogue/choice system similar to Infamous, in that the choices you make define relationships later in the game. I also really like the idea of being able to create your own business, maintain it, perhaps have some sort of quests about it, and make money from it. I also agree with others that we need better transportation (i.e. boats, carriages, animals?). I am also just beginning to learn the Elder Scrolls story of Tamriel (Skyrim is my first ES game). I would also love better animations when you are climbing, because anyone that has ever played in third person while going up a mountain knows you look like a retard hitting a wall 50 times while climbing. Maybe you could even have your own items for this (grappling hook, mountain climbing gear…). maybe even a “constellation” for it in your level up menu, in which you could get to be able to climb higher, faster, or at sharper inclines? I really don’t have much of a problem with the voices. Very seldomly do look at someone and say, “I’ve heard that voice before.” Also, better combat is a MUST. When I hit someone, I want to see a mark on them, see them limping just a little more, and honestly feel like I’m making contact when I hit them. And using magic at this point look like you are trying to kill a camp with a water hose. I also really would like to go to someplace from a past game. Seeing Morrowind, Cyrodill, or anywhere else people have already been in a new engine would be amazing. Maybe in a different time frame, though. Don’t wanna play the whole game over again :P I don’t mean to hate on Skyrim when I say any of this… Skyrim is probably my favorite game I have ever played. Ever.

  23. Rax March 23 2012 @ 1:02 pm

    Again, good points all round Christian. ;-)
    Transport improvements are highly likely for 6, and there seems to be, perhaps suprisingly, a lot of people talking about climbing in various forms!
    I think a remake of Morrowind is highly likely as it is not only probably the best ES game, but also never made it to the current generation of consoles. That is something I’m really excited to see and I’m sure would sell VERY well!

  24. Kitamasu March 25 2012 @ 6:20 am

    Half of the stuff mentioned would be way to hard to implement. Voice recognition currently isn’t that great due to all the different accents. If you want better voice acting… you wouldn’t want your computer to generate the voice… that would be horrible. The control portion is just laughable. AI is difficult, i believe it is actually the hardest thing to program. Plus with all the tactics you want for 40-55 npcs would put to much of a strain on processors of now… let alone the near future. With minecraft, it was very easy to include the building and destroying to flood areas, that’s the premise of the “game”. Destructible environments are long overdue yes, but not everything should be. The crafting portion was perfect for Skyrim.

    I assume this article is really just trolling. I laughed at every single suggestion. It however, wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t seeing as how stupid some people can be.

  25. Athlor April 3 2012 @ 7:04 am

    Dude, I’m with you 100% on using computer-generated speech instead of voice actors. I have been saying this myself for awhile. I know it can be done because I am a programmer. It would use less resources as you stated and could be less cpu intensive compared to current technology, a win-win. Mouth movement much easier to sync, accents could be more consistent to the races and parameters to make each characters voice sound unique. Modern speech synthesis systems are indistinguishable from real human speech and do not sound robotic.
    I just wanted to add that if some of the things coming out about the next generation consoles are true like the inability to play used games I believe they are going to have a slow adoption rate. That means there is a chance the next Elder Scrolls game could indeed be available to current consoles as well.

  26. josh April 5 2012 @ 3:16 am

    I agree with most of the things here. I would like to see more npc’s in battles because it would make it harder and more fun. And you should be able to attack while riding a horse. They should add building your own house or something like that at least. They should’ve had spears in skyrim like how they did in Morrowind.Overall it is the best RPG i have ever played but they need to add a lot of stuff.

  27. Mike April 6 2012 @ 9:07 pm

    I think that vampires should be more powerful because once you get to a high level their is little advantage of being a vampire but it is inconvinient. So it should make you much more powerful but have risk aswell.
    Also I think mages should have more magics available and also be able to create their own again.
    I loved Skyrim by the way. Just some ways to improve

  28. Mike April 6 2012 @ 9:09 pm

    Oh and more factions with better quests.

  29. cemaga April 7 2012 @ 6:59 am

    Honestly I agree with all of you about the npc’s, about the one that mentioned the family. I would enjoy to get married to a random woman, after romancing her or such (Or being rejected by other women), train my son to follow me when he is older. I would like to steal a random carriage set it on fire and make it crash against a house or tree to start a forest fire. I would like more weapons like spears, and I would like to hunt a random giant cocodrile as someone else implied. I like the falmer idea, I also think the player should be able to find a living snow elf (one not corrupted) for him to teach him some way to kill the falmer or what happened with them.

    I think a whole of tamriel should be revealed (I think it would lag a lot tough) have some ships to have random fights with pirates and such. I would like to build a small camp in the forest or a hut for me to live there with my family.

    Having pets would be wonderful, have lures to hunt animals or use them to tame them (A wolf to help me hunt would be great). Fishing with actualy rods would be ok, I also would like to chop a random tree or set it on fire.

    I agree with “brendonhands”, I would like to design my own weapon, maybe even write some runes on a sword.

    Something I would like is climbing (As many people have sugested) and maybe rope arrows to climb towers or big walls.

    Having catapults or other siege weapons would be nice, fighting other kingdoms(cities), have them under your control for them to rebolt against you or loosing them to another kingdom over time.

  30. Sam April 7 2012 @ 8:27 pm

    List of things to add:
    -The ability to climb
    -More interactivity with your surroundings. (Like Cutting down trees)
    -Being able to make things like camps
    -More npc’s travelling between cities that you can rob etc
    -More varied weapons (such as spears)
    -More spells for mages (and the ability to create them)
    -Able to design weapons and armors more
    -More relationship oppertuinities (Training children sounds interseting)
    -Access to powerful forbidden magic (such as necromancy in oblivion) where you will get a bounty if caught using it
    -More varied enemies
    -2 provencies that you need to travel by boat to travel between (valenwood and summerset isles)and could be attacked randomly by pirates.
    -More npc’s in battles to make them seem more realistic
    -Able to open shops etc
    -Openworld online multiplayer (Nothing that would risk compremsing single player and not a competative one. Just so friends can go round together)

    Most of these proberbly cannot be done just thought I would say. Will proberbly add more if I think of some.

  31. Rax April 10 2012 @ 11:42 am

    Great list Sam, I’d certainly sign up to that as a manifesto! ;-)
    Particularly like the idea of larger battles, that would go a long way to making it more epic… even if they used a mechanic similar to The Witcher 2, where you fight it out within a small “bubble” / bubbles inside a larger battle…
    I’d also love boat travel, I always think this adds scale and a sense of time to any RPG when done properly…
    All good stuff tho! Again, I hope you lovely devs are reading all this escellent feedback! ;-)

  32. Rax April 10 2012 @ 11:44 am

    Yes, Vampires did seem a little nerfed, I guess there’s the worry of making them too badass and killing the balance, but from a player point a view they could certainly be more attractive!
    More factions and quests is never a bad thing so you definately get my vote there too. :-)

  33. Rax April 10 2012 @ 11:48 am

    Josh, If you could build your own house I’d probably just live in Skyrim! ;-) Good call.
    I’d also love to see full mounted combat, they should buy Tale Worlds from Paradox so they can use the team that made Mount & Blade, where mounted combat is spot on…

  34. Rax April 10 2012 @ 11:52 am

    cemaga, I would bite your hand off for a proper pet in this, maybe something with progression and skills? That would be incredible! Add to that the use of siege weapons and I’d be a very happy, and highly lethal chap indeed! ;-)

  35. Ealay April 13 2012 @ 1:16 am

    Well, I had some ideas in mind that I’ll love to be on TES6:
    -more use of runes, like writing sentences made of runes that will make something happen with different spells you can discover like shouts, for example using the words frost and explosion so when it’s interacted (step on it, use an activate spell, etc.) it’ll make a frost explosion, basically. Perhaps writing runes on a weapon, giving him that effect, or writing them on ppl, to make stuff like mind control ( :P ) or to turn someone into a mudcrab using morph and animal runes.
    -More spells. Basically that’s the only thing we can ask for. More magic. Perhaps we can make our own. That can get quite awesome.
    -Magic that can affect areas, such as changing weather, calling animals, setting up forests on fire, turning of the fire ( no one suggested it, so…) and way more.
    -Something I always wanted – Forbidden magic. You can research it, but if caught not everyone will agree. And I’m talking about massive damage explosions, tunneling the power of gods, stealing someone else’s power, and much more.
    -Evading. Yeah, evading. The best thing I can ask for. Being able to roll or dodge attacks is the first step in improving the combat system.
    -Speaking of which, I’ve always thought that something that will really enhance the combat system is player stats. I don’t mean str, dex, int, luck. No. I mean real stats, like speed, strength(lol, forget I said str before), and stuff like that. I mean, maybe speed will actually role by making the others slower in combat, allowing you more chances to dodge an enemy attack and attack back.
    -More illusions and well, . It may be really cool to try to get the solution.
    -Speaking about illusions, I always hoped for something like mind fights. Which means you can trap someone in an illusion which will make him do your biddings, when fighting you from the inside, and getting out eventually, depends how you are good on that and on illusions. Maybe someone may use this on you, while you try to escape.
    -Power of the name. Well, I really liked the way of the voice thing, it was quite awesome. BTW, I also hope it’ll be like the rune system I mentioned. But about the name thingy, perhaps there’ll be real names, that no one knows for every person. If you know someone’s name you can take complete control of him, and secret names of different things can also do that. For example, if the char learned the “spider” secret name, he may control spiders. Or maybe the name of fire, sea, tree and way more. And if you get to learn your own name, it’s a massive power up for you, as you are able to control all of your abilities perfectly.
    -And the last thing I want to talk about is the multiplayer. I’ve always wanted to trade things or help one of my friends inside the game. And everything you can do together just adds. Maybe you won’t even go together, and it can be cool see how what he did affects the world. You might even fight. But I really hated the idea of split screen. It completely DESTROYS the gameplay when you both can see each other.
    And now I’m done :P

  36. Ealay April 13 2012 @ 1:27 am

    Oh and it’s “more illusions and, well, Puzzles” that stupid iPhone deleted it.

  37. Ealay April 13 2012 @ 1:34 am

    Again, something about the magic system. I wanted the magic to be learned in a better way. We could harness different types of energies and use hand movements to apply the energies in different ways.

  38. Rax April 13 2012 @ 4:38 pm

    Wow Ealay, I think we may be getting enough to also cover TES7 & 8! ;-)
    I’m loving your thoughts on “practical” magic and using runes to enact it in the physical world. I also love going into people’s dreams / mystical planes / alternate dimensions / minds and having a complete change of scene to enjoy / battle in.
    More dynamic combat movement would again, get my vote too, and I would LOVE to be able to post items back and forth between characters / players so I could help my buddies and get help from them! Great way to implement social play without killing balance and challenge…

  39. Ealay April 13 2012 @ 4:43 pm

    Sorry for talking so much, lol. But I also want to make it clear that I ment only Co-op, and MMO will just totally ruin the game.

  40. Ealay April 13 2012 @ 5:41 pm

    Oh and thanks :P

  41. Derp April 15 2012 @ 9:49 am

    OK before anyone else says anything, think of HOW bethesda will do it. like climbing for example, sounds great but what, are we going to do it hand over hand?think about the controls and what buttons will need to be pressed. you cant just use the whole keyboard or have a controller with 100 different buttons to enable you to do crazy stuff like hand over hand rock climbing. it would take sssooooo long to add this stuff in and imagine the amount of lag even on a brand new platform or high performance pc. trying not to freak out but please just think about the final outcome and the effects that these suggestions may cause. all of these suggestions are pretty good but bethesdas team isnt composed of gods. it would be very diificult and time-consuming. but it would be awesome. would you rather have an amazing elder scrolls game come out in 20 years or so or have a one thats not quite as complex and awesome in 3 or 4 years?

  42. Rax April 16 2012 @ 12:26 pm

    NP! ;-)
    Still LOVING the idea of posting things back and forth to characters / friends… should be “simple” in modern gaming terms and would give that social connectivity without ruining the single player experience… this would be SO awesome! Keep up the creative thinking!

  43. Rax April 16 2012 @ 12:37 pm

    – I hear what your saying, but combining good old ladder climbing, which has been around for ages, with something like the interactive jump & pull we see in games which deal with getting over walls and up ledges etc and I’m sure a serious game engine could cope. I’m thinking Mirror’s Edge meets Uncharted meets Assassin’s Creed or something like that, it’s possible to contrive a system that has boundries, but still feels a lot like climbing (remembering that in FPS you can’t see your own avatar). Make all trees function like ladders, except you can “rotate” around the trunk when climbing it, with each branch working like a horizontal “ledge” you can shimmy across. Now where these intersect you can transfer from tree to tree or tree to ledge etc, if your tree or wall has multiple branches / ledges within a certain degree of each other you can “jump” in that direction to access them (if they are close enough together you can just climb up / across.) Retain “free-look” during this process and you could apply it to trees / buildings / walls / cliffs all connecting to each other where their “ledges” / “branches” touch. This could be amazingly powerful. Now, getting an AI to use it is a whole different challenge. But for player characters I do believe it’s possible.

  44. Ebouc April 18 2012 @ 9:14 am

    Wow, wonderful board of ideas. So to tweak what others have said and add my own thoughts.
    Magic- Morrowind actually had spell creation as a possibility. So I propose a crafting table with a corresponding skill tree for said purpose. Ingredients would use soul gems and blank scrolls or ruined books and some perks on the skill tree could include the obvious novice through master levels, with perks for lowering spell costs to cast, increased power or better yet schools, like smithing, so to start you can make damage, then restore, and so on through all schools.
    Combat- I agree with idea of more equipment needed and it could just be added to smithing. So if I make a dwarven sword, the system offers me a dozen designs to choose from. The hand to hand isn’t bad but if enemys start flanking you regularly, you would have to get a lot more smarter about how you approach.

  45. Rax April 20 2012 @ 3:42 am

    – I like your “create a spell” process / approach, bringing disperate elements into the process would definately give it a more robust and satisfying feel, and relevant skill trees would be welcome. I think it would be cool to “group” skills into category trees (a bit like Kingdoms of Amalur, or The Witcher 2), this could clarify progression and bring in new bonus / reward options for developers to reward gamers in various ways (again Amalur’s “Destiny” unlock system could be perfect here). I would also welcome a lot more equipment variety, but there’d probably need to be an engine to drive it, say with “material”, “size”, “colour”, “finish”, “detailing” etc being something like slider options?

  46. Ebouc April 21 2012 @ 10:17 am

    Rax…I don’t much think the engine needs overhauling. I see it handling just plain skins easily enough.
    That Spell creation idea though might need some serious work. In Morrowind I remember making a flight spell that took a lot of challenge out of travel but a lot of fun as well. So what we ask may be a double edge sword.
    I really like Skyrims challenge as it is.

  47. Dragonkisser April 22 2012 @ 10:36 pm

    Skyrim:Elder Scrolls 5 is one of the best game I ever play on xbox 360 since that game is 10 times better than Oblivion:Elder Scrolls 4. I have an idea about the Elder Scrolls 6. The gamedesigner should have Valenwood, Elsweyr, Summerset Isle and Cyridil including Morrowind and Black marsh as provinces for a character to explore like a character needs a high enough level to unlock those provinces and use Valenwood and Summerset Isle as a starting provinces for beginning of the game then once a character reaches a high enough level can unlock the next provinces Elsweyr, Cyridili, Black marsh and Morrowind the last to unlock. they should also add other animals in this game Elder Scrolls 6 like dolphins, whales, tigers and animals like that. Also they should add pranking spells for a character to use for pulling pranks on enemies and other characters in this game good luck!!!

  48. Ebouc April 25 2012 @ 7:22 am

    Well, Dragonkisser, let us truly dream; shall we?
    I would love ES6 to actually be all regions. I mean mother of God, could you imagine a quest to unite all the lands? It would be a simply massive undertaking.

  49. Rax April 25 2012 @ 6:08 pm

    Agreed Ebouc, but could the “unite the nations” goal be something for “Elder Scrolls Online”? I can see this happening… I would love to see more variety of terrain / environment… so I agree with Dragonkisser there… interesting ideas, I’ll be fascinated to see what happens with this franchise next…

  50. Garlic April 25 2012 @ 7:45 pm

    Flying machine or glider. Or a wrap up glider wing so one can jump off of mountains and glide a ways to a destination.

  51. Rax April 27 2012 @ 11:42 am

    Garlic, that has to go on the list, not just “hovering” flight, but some sort of actual flight mechannic would be awesome. Possibilities here are many, ability to interact with combat from this form of transport would be really cool, drop some fireballs (or arrows) on your foes from above etc… surely they could use the exisiting dragon flight mechnanic as a base?

  52. chrissyfar April 29 2012 @ 6:58 pm

    i loved skyrim, was never a big games fan, but i got side and my friend said i should give it ago, now i cant stop playing it, all the ideas that i have seen are great
    things which i would like to see in ES6 would be

    -starting off as a teenager, growing up, and having your own family. going to schools to learn different skills, like magic, fighting etc

    - building your own home would be great, in skyrim i liked the housing but where they where the where and the layout i didn’t like that, so being able to set the number off rooms, walls, windows, fireplaces and the stuff you have in the house, beds tables and chair, also where you would put them and where your home is

    - pets, like in skyrim, war dogs went back to where you got them and not to your home, didnt like that, so able to buy them, train them and still have them go back home when you tell them to.

    -different wild life, and more off it, like deer in big groups, wolfs in packs and more water life, sea monsters, big birds, new wild live, both friendly and not so friendly

    -have kids is a big thing

    -become king, for jarl, or leaders off different groups, kind off like the leader off the stormcloaks

    also when you start a new game, if you have a saved game from ES5 you are the son/daughter off you first character

    just some idea’s which i no will not happen but you never no who might look at this page

  53. Rax May 1 2012 @ 2:06 pm

    Great stuff Chrissyfar, Loving the idea you could be your character from the previous game’s child… that’s a great way of linking the experiences together and a excellent mechanism to maybe allow for limited transport of earnt resources as well.
    Properly working pets would be a huge plus for me, the ability to “send home” being a great way to manage them, would be cool to come back from battle and find them cureld up by the fire / guarding your door!
    Whilst I liked the wildlife in 5, I think “flocking” / “herding” would be great, a much better way to get a feeling of living in a “real” world. You’ve inspired me to think of real flocks of birds, moving together, that would bring a real sense of scale to things. Also the “herd” or deer would be fantastic, I can imagine a moment where you are surrounded by them as they flee from a giant or something, kind of like that moment in Jurrassic Park, it would really add to the tension…
    Seems like “build-a-home” continues to be a big crowd-pleaser, hopefully we’ll get it, or something approaching it in ES6!

  54. luke May 3 2012 @ 6:04 am

    Concerning the time frame: It seems that the Elder Scrolls series has been marching ever onwards. If you’ve followed it all, and maybe even enjoyed reading many of the books like myself (really, there is some suprisingly good writing in the series, especially when it comes to plot twists like that seen in the “Palla” books), you’d see that the plot lines have complemented each other heavily. Different things, interesting things, are discovered in each title. I remember the buzz about The Voice being implemented in Skyrim, and while I was excited too, I wasn’t really surprised, because of in-game books I had read on Nordic shouting, while playing Oblivion and Morrowind.

    While that whole plot curve has been really cool, I think that taking this kind of a direction would be very inspired and it would excite fans: Go back in time, this time around. By that I mean way back. Who doesn’t want to play through some of the stuff in the books like the Allesian campaign, or when the Dunmer became Dunmer? How about the mystery of the Dwemer? Why not even play a Dwemer character? There are so many head scratchers and exciting aspects of the Elder Scrolls universe that haven’t been touched much by the game. Think of dreughs ruling Tamriel, the 500 Companions taking Skyrim from the Elves, etc. There is so much great plot material that they’ve already developed, like grade-A imaginative stuff (more interesting than a lot of fantasy novels I’ve read).

    Basically: They’ve covered quite a bit of ground that hasn’t been played through. Why make more? I’ve been itching to see and play through a lot of this stuff, because of the quality of the writing.

  55. Ebouc May 4 2012 @ 9:36 am

    Damn you guys are so cool with these ideas. So let me add some more of my own. I would love Dwarves. Racial benefit of immunity to magic. Racial negative no magical ability at all. Small pocket of them found still alive in a ruins.
    I would love to see an Engineering skilltree. Right to do these primitive steampunk items. No guns but mines, grenades, strength, stamina or speed producing armors that need no soul gems to make and at the top of the tree, vehicles such as MechHorse or Self Pushing Cart or Cliff Grabbing Spider. Stuff to help get around but I think flying machines to be asking for something to take you out of the experience.
    I like skyrim so much. I see it improving regardless.
    Another skill could be Carpentry. No laughing, ok? Seriously, building carts, shacks and eventually houses. Why chop wood needlessly?

  56. Rax May 5 2012 @ 12:28 am

    , I always love any detailed / specific crafting options so Engineering gets my vote… the idea of a steampunkesque turret (think Borderlands) or traps gets me excited already! How about simple steam bots (think RAGE)! Cool! I’d love to see stuf flike carpentry with which you could make furniture for people’s housing etc (think Everquest 2)… great ideas all again!

  57. Rax May 5 2012 @ 1:04 am

    OK luke, you definately take the title of history master… expect a job offer in the post from ZeniMax! ;-) With The Elder Scroll Online confirmed to be set 1,000 years before Skyrim I’m sure we’ll get plenty of opportunity to enjoy some proper Tamriel history! I wouldn’t be suprised if we don’t get some form of “Flashback” DLC / expansions for it post-launch… as you say so much rich history to make use of…

  58. Matt May 19 2012 @ 7:28 pm

    I think like an interconnected type of thing for the pc and consoles so that you can interract with real people and like form clans and guilds with your friends in the real world.

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