Skyrim to get Mod Tools… on Consoles!

Skyrim Mod Tools

Mod Tools for Consoles?? Whatever next? Mice? Keyboards?

In what could turn out to be a real game changer, news has emerged that mod tools may be available to console players of Skyrim!

This is not without precedent but is literally unheard of in a AAA title.

If this is really on the cards then one can only imagine some sort of community mods sharing service will also be required, this then raises a lot of questions around DLC, social gaming and multi-player possibilities as well… something we know most Elder Scrolls fans would love to see…

Only time will tell, but this certainly increases our excitement for what will be one of the biggest games of 2011.

- Rax

Wed, June 22 2011 » Gaming News

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  1. JoeTheMighty September 30 2011 @ 2:15 am

    Well i hope bethesda reads my post or if someone could forward it to them would be great. I can understand the challenge Bethesda could have with Sony & Microsoft especially! But it would be a great idea to at least release a Modding tool set as a DLC for a price on XBOX Live and the PSstore. Bethesda could make extra money by doing this as everyone on consoles would love the ability to mod the game on their own, even if we cant file share, A game as beautiful & intricate as Skyrim deserves to be fully optimized & enjoyed by all.. not just people with high end gaming PC’s. By doing this Bethesda would be showing a great (never before seen) level of customer support & also making extra money from the DLC sales.. and i believe it would be in everyones best intrest.

  2. TacticalProdigy November 9 2011 @ 1:09 am

    Not sure you’d actually be able to mod from a console.. but they could take votes on like the top mods for skyrim a year from now.. they will need to test them & clean them up & and then could be give to consoles as DLC… but i wouldnt expect them to go out of their way to give us user created content for free.. but i’ll be playing on ps3 i would like to have a couple mods for dragon riding & Shapeshifting spells.. i would like to turn into a wolf or a rabbit, maybe a frost troll or bear aswell.. would be fun to transform other people & creatures as well……… turn a dragon into a butterfly & melt its wings off.. Also an amazing mod to Turn peoples weapons into animals that will attack them LMFAO imagine turning a bandits war Axe into a sabber toothed cat.. just poOF” fella would be holding the tail of a very pissed off kitty.. Would be so hilarious.. Also maybe a shrink and growth spell mod.. You could summon a scamp and enlarge him to battle dragons LMFAO” or if your fighting a big viking guy just shrink him to kid size and just walk away Laughing” i love it One more! A mod to add a shout to enrage people with blood lust within a certain area around you.. imagine walking into a village and shouting it! Everyone just murders eachother in a matter of seconds.. Also Spell Customization would make a decent mod

  3. Dr Rayn November 15 2011 @ 8:13 pm

    I’m really hoping this works out, Cause I’ve already kicked the crap out of the console version. I neeeeed more content lol

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