Review:- Crusader Kings II

Game: Crusader Kings 2 Format: PC Developer: Paradox Interactive Publisher: Paradox Interactive I seriously hope you guys can appreciate me sitting down to talk about this game, because it means I’ll have to stop playing it right now… Yes, yes, it’s that good, at least if you are into this kind of thing, but I [...]

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Fri, February 24 2012 » PC/Mac, Reviews » No Comments

New XCOM Strategy Game

Huge news for all us XCOM fans! Not only are we getting the much heralded FPS type take on XCOM from 2K later this year we are now going to be treated to a “back to it’s roots” XCOM strategy game from Firaxis too! (for 360, PS3 & PC) Exciting! We’re just hoping for a [...]

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Thu, January 5 2012 » Gaming News » 1 Comment

Age of Empires Online Launches 16th

Microsoft’s latest foray into the world of strategy launches on Tuesday, in the form of this “freemium” online release. Whilst the core game is 100% free many advanced options, game play modes and indeed entire civilisations, will be available for a small charge following it’s release date. Now, before you worry about it’s “freemium” nature [...]

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Europa Universalis: Changing the Strategy

Strategy games have been around almost as long as the game industry itself. It is one of the largest selling genres on the market, and in my opinion, it is the most difficult in which to be original. Enter Europa Universalis, the Grand Strategy series from Paradox Interactive. The entire series is focused on choosing one [...]

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Thu, July 21 2011 » Opinion Pieces » 2 Comments

Review: Starcraft II

Game: Starcraft II Format: PC, Mac Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Publisher: Activision Aliens. We like them. At least we like them on screen. It’s easy to forget that they don’t exist because they appear in more films than Samuel L Jackson. Starcraft II recognises our collective impression of what an alien should be and delivers it [...]

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