Kingdoms of Amalur (ALL) – £13

A sleeper hit that really has something for everyone! 360: PS3: PC: – Rax  

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Mounted Combat coming to Skyrim

We’ve asked and Bethesda have listened. Soon your beloved steed will no longer serve just for getting you from A to B in Skyrim, but will also now enable you to rain behooved death on poor unmounted opponents! Jodhpurs at the ready brothers and sisters, equine war is upon us! Whilst not released just yet, [...]

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Metro: Last Light – Enter the Metro Video

Awesome… I shall say no more… other than make sure you stick it out till the end of the short film… For more cool Metro related info check out their brand new site; http://www.enterthemetro.comand / or hang out here as you can be sure we’ll keep you posted! Metro Last Light is due to be [...]

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Underrated:- Metro 2033

The world as we know it is over. Civilisation has fallen. All is crumbled and decayed. Massive radiation a constant threat as the mutated creatures it has created hunt us at every turn. The few of us that survive must struggle daily to scrape an existence and avoid sudden and merciless death in this most [...]

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Just Cause 4 already in the pipeline?

Eagle eyed DNS aficionados deep in their web connected domain dungeons have just spotted Square Enix secretly registering a bunch of “Just Cause 4″ related domains… Great news for any gamer worried that the next, and third, title in the series might simply not be enough to sate their Just Causey needs… It’s nice to [...]

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