Metro: Last Light – Enter the Metro Video

Awesome… I shall say no more… other than make sure you stick it out till the end of the short film…

For more cool Metro related info check out their brand new site; http://www.enterthemetro.comand / or hang out here as you can be sure we’ll keep you posted!

Metro Last Light is due to be released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 early next year. Anyone interested in playing the game would do well by playing the original game Metro 2033. We recently wrote about how we feel it is a criminally underrated title, why not give it a read and see what makes the game so special?

- Richard “Rax” Raxous

Metro: Last Light - Enter The Metro - Still 1

Yup, probably is a good point to enter the Metro... thanks for the heads up buddy! ;-)

Thu, May 24 2012 » Gaming News

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