Retro Fix:- Knight of the Old Republic 2 “Restored”

As promised last week, I’ve played through the fan restored version of Kotor 2, to see if the fans were capable of fixing what was meant to be a truly epic game. I have to put one thing out of the way first though; this review is going to be spoilerific. The reason is that [...]

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Retro Fix:- Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

With the release of Bioware’s MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic” looming on the horizon  (Christmas this year, in case you didn’t know) we’ve decided to revisit the “Knights of the Old Republic” Saga.  we’ll start today’s Retro Fix with a small history lesson. Just what were the Knights of the Old Republic? Pay attention [...]

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Love is a Battlefield – Divided Loyalties Part 1

Gaming war stories. We love them. We love hearing how a video warrior stormed the enemy camp, fought his way through legions of soldier drones until their high commander appeared; raining missiles down from his ambulatory mecha-tank. We love hearing how our hero defied death, sprung fifty feet into the air, smashed his hand through [...]

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