Podcast Episode 63: Something a lil different..

Both Tom and Kieran are away meaning that Jose and special guest host (and fellow editor) Luke Mears have stepped in. As ever they are of course joined by the forever idiotic, Adam Radcliffe. New host, new podcaster, slightly longer show, new segments and quite a bit of intelligent games debate this week. ALL [...]

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Sun, March 4 2012 » Podcasts » No Comments

Review:- Crusader Kings II

Game: Crusader Kings 2 Format: PC Developer: Paradox Interactive Publisher: Paradox Interactive I seriously hope you guys can appreciate me sitting down to talk about this game, because it means I’ll have to stop playing it right now… Yes, yes, it’s that good, at least if you are into this kind of thing, but I [...]

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Fri, February 24 2012 » PC/Mac, Reviews » No Comments Podcast Episode 60: A little less mediocrity.

Tom, Kieran and Jose get together to talk about what they’ve been up to, share their thoughts the current situation with retailer GAME and debut our brand new, cultural segment on the podcast. Oh and Adam’s back thinking again. MP3 Download / iTunes / RSS Feed

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Sun, February 12 2012 » Articles » 1 Comment

Review:- Victoria 2: A House Divided

Game: Victoria 2: A House Divided Format: PC Developer: Paradox Interactive Publisher: Paradox Interactive Victoria 2: A House Divided, is an expansion pack for Victoria 2 (2009) a game we didn’t have the pleasure to review, and thus, since it’s quite difficult to talk about the expansion without talking about the game itself, I will [...]

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Fri, February 10 2012 » PC/Mac, Reviews » 2 Comments

Review:- Sol: Exodus

Game: Sol: Exodus Format: PC Developer: Seamless Entertainment Publisher: Seamless Entertainment A long time ago, in a time called “The 90s”, there was a genre of games that, while not immensely prosperous, had an amazing list of fantastic games. Elite, Wing Commander, X-Wing, Freespace and the less well know as I-War, were games of this genre, the Space Sim, [...]

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