Child of Eden PS3 Details: Move, 3D

Today Ubisoft & Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled the game details for Child of Eden on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system.Developed by Q? Entertainment  Inc. under the direction of the renowned game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the PS3 version of Child of Eden will launch on September 30th and will feature Move compatibility and stereoscopic 3D [...]

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Review: Child of Eden

Game: Child of Eden Format: Xbox 360 Developer: Q Entertainment Publisher: Ubisoft Child of Eden is the Ubisoft published spiritual successor to Dreamcast cult hit Rez. It’s an on the rails shooter, boasting some of the most beautifully mesmerising visuals the gaming industry has ever seen. Continuing an idea established by Rez, Child of Eden [...]

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The Newb Review’s Most Aniticpated Games of 2011: Part One

2011 has already been a bumper year for games; barely 5 months in to the year and we have already seen the release of high profile titles such as Dead Space 2, Portal 2, Bulletstorm, Dragon Age 2, Mortal Kombat, Homefront, Super Street Fighter 4 3D, Crysis 2, and Killzone 3. But what about all of the [...]

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Latest Child of Eden Trailer

Despite achieving record breaking sales, Microsoft’s Kinect has something of an uneven reputation with gaming enthusiasts. Many hardcore gamers still insist that there are no good games for it, despite the brilliance of titles like Dance Central and Kinect Sports. That may change with the release of Child of Eden, the spiritual sequel to Dreamcast [...]

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