Quick Look:- Rock Band Blitz

Following the cancellation of Activision’s Guitar Hero series, and disappointing sales of Harmonix’s Rock Band 3, many people were quick to proclaim the rhythm genre dead and burried. However Harmonix recently returned with a brand new downloadable Rock Band game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Rock Band Blitz. Blitz is a very different Rock Band game, firstly it does not need expensive plastic instruments, instead players use their regular controller to switch between tracks, and secondly, where past Rock Band titles have been about being as accurate as possible, Blitz instead requires players to earn score multipliers on each of the instrumental tracks.

It sounds complicated, but really it’s quite simple… even Adam understands it.

Rock Band Blitz is available to download now for 1200 Microsoft points / £11.99 on PlayStation Network. If you’re a Rock Band fan, or have invested heavily in the series’ downloadable tracks, we recommend that you pick this game up.

Sat, September 15 2012 » Previews, PS3, Quick Look, Videos, Xbox 360

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